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Victoria Parra 

Fried cheese and potatoes for lunch. With TARTAR SAUCE. (noms)
Me: back home tartar sauce is for fish, can I put it on cheese?
Them: you can put it on EVERYTHING

Herb Dip. Tastes like Cinnabon frosting with ...basil? Or like reverse ketchup or something weird. Prague, you burned me this time.

That is a straight up wolf.

7/7 going down was even harder because there was no where to look BUT down. Celebrating with some Thai 🥘

6/7 no it was me really

5/7 and climber 295 stairs up a metal death trap for this view.

4/7 but I made it! 👍🏼

3/7 and these stairs (omg)

2/7 by way of this path

1/7 The next part of my day was walking to that taller of the pointy tower things up on this hill.


On the advice of a colleague - the black one is coconut ash flavored, the lighter one is the best "salty caramel" I've ever had.

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