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High Quality Trash™  Half dank memes, half broken dreams Profile pic credit: http://nearlywitchesdemo.tumblr.com/ 💞

She can't claim representation when there's nothing in her actual works to support it -Emma

Forever mood honestly?? -Emma

Love her sm -Emma

My head hurts sm for no reason help -Emma

o h -Emma

Hey lol it’s Ethan and I’m thinking of getting a kitten n shit and idk like what I should do to take care of it like what type of food or what shots n shit if u can help me please dm @jackson.127 or comment here please thanks

this is so pretty -Emma

Sal Morelos can suck my dick -Emma

Prelims may be over but assignments are just beginning pray for me -Emma

Pizza is so fucking good help I can't stop eating -Emma


yes perfect plan -Emma

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