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Every page Counts! #Fundraiser #GraffitiComix #GieRodz #RoccaPage

Going back to old skool methods. Sometimes it's best to take One step back. Crossed fingers! #GraffitiComix #GieRodz #RoccaPage #Art #Graffiti

Alright let's get to it!
With No further delay here's a little 4x4 piece w/bit design inside the letters stating the obvious. My man Sire dislike the idea of my pieces looking unfinished in regards to my 365 post art challenge, awhile back and he was right at times lol!

Because of time constraints am not always be able to give you color. My pieces have always been open for interpretation. This isn't away for me to save nor ask for more money it's just I don't always have time!

Everyone will have equal opportunity to purchase some good art for a good cause from prints BlackBooks Toys etc. There you have. If you have questions feel free to ask. Now Let's get it popping !
$10 PayPal accepted @ mrgwrite@gmail.com


Here we go. RoCcaPage on the fly Once a day Pieces & Inks 4x4 8x11 (NO MASS PRODUCING OF THE ART!) Graffiti CoMiX art print11x17 asking price at $15 to $25 any one of interest. Please DM me. #GraffitiArt #GraffitiWriter #ComicInker #RoccaPage #Funding #Support #GraffitiComix

The French connection!
Years ago The Late Great Aone put me on to the, Art movement in Paris. So did CeS as well the homie Wane! As ignorant as a, youngster I was. I did paid it some attention.

So yesterday I went to this function to get an application to possibly, showcase in the future because, of the influence my friends had on me. To my surprise they only accepted gallery submissions. Not one organizer can explain why that was the case. No BiGGie!
I wander around for a bit. Looked at some art said, hello to some friends and kept it moving. What I saw is DOPE! Do they all deserve, the glories' attention maybe? Do I still wonder about the interest Paris, has for NY Graf seen? Or is only for contemporary reasons maybe?

There are So Many Writers that have paved the, way for the rest of us to make a name. But are Over Shadow by favoritism from those who are not familiar with the culture itself. If the Graf seen is dead. It's only because WE CAN'T SEEM TO MOVE FORWARD!and let the New lead the way. And have all the other contemporary artists take up space. I AM NO HATER but I would like to see a brand new seen! ✌🏼!

Today's post at WWW.GIERODZ.WORDPRESS.COM Go give it a read if you wish. #Graffiti #Art #GieRodz #Branding

Inks from the Writer!
Outlines have always been straight forward. I'm not sure where or who went with the idea of colored Outlines still dope tho.

The idea of this format 4Letter combo with the hidden © it wasn't intentional just an idea. Next up colors!
#Inking #Inkers #BuildUp #GieRodz #RoccaPage #Graffiti #Art #DesignKillerStyle

Making it Blend!

Good morning! Long ago I would write some S#%?! Draw some letters, ink some pages. Everything was fine. Then I abandoned my process for what I have
No Idea!

So now am gonna Ink, some pages. Rock some letters and, talk that S#%?! I apologize for being away With No regards of what might have been creatively.
These days (No Repping On The Web) is a BiG No No!

Aiight Keeping it Real!
Please be kind and, share today graf process. I want my Old Skool heads to check for me "That's Real" but also wanna see all my young kats to check out the new diggs with an old approach!

ALL WORKS WILL BE FOR SALE! Notifications will come in the form of a post. On this page also on WWW.GIERODZ.
WORDPRESS.COM in which case am hoping to for fell your artistic needs
Thank you!

#Process #RoccaPage #GraffitiComix #Graffiti #Art #Letters #Branding #GieRodz


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