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Jushmita Pathak  Doctor. 20 something year old with very questionable choices. Have a thing or two for beards.VIP/EXOL Not a Blogger but a Storyteller. Let's read?

Board games, card games, indoor games, outdoor games, video games, mind games. Name any kind of game, I am horrifyingly abysmal at all

I have NEVER won a chess match ever. Don't even get me started on video games. I have never saved the princess on Mario Cart.
As for outdoor games, my mother used literally beg me to go outside and play. On the odd chance that I succumbed to parental pressure, no one wanted me on their team. With good reason too, that team was doomed. I have had my ass whooped by the badminton racket more than it being used for the actual purpose

Its ridiculous how much bad luck a single person can have. Once, an entire game got over while I just sat there because my dice refused to give me a 6

So this snapstory here, winning a game in the card version of monopoly, is not an exaggeration.
It was a historic moment

Its raining here today.
Evening rains and hot tea makes me think of monopoly moments (And crave Kanda Bhajiya, the original onion rings). We used to be obsessed with it during internship. (And keep count of exactly how many times Jushmita can lose)

PS - This game certainly tests your friendship and sanity

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My parents love gardening.
Even though this is the winter bloom, in this scorching heat they have managed to keep some flowers in bloom through intense natural fertilizer use and species specific gardening

So, every once in a while, I am forced to go hang out by the lily/lotus pond and stare at the fish. We have a tiny organic garden too. Picked up some fresh mint leaves after the walk today to add to my green tea and lemonade

Here are a bunch of colourful Marigolds, Alyssums, Pansies and Dianthuses to give you a happy start to the day

Yes, I am in one my rare super good moods.
Paediatrics day today. (And like 3 days worth pending topics)

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When a bunch of doctors find a remote tea shop.

Please excuse the very challenged picture taking ability. I wanted to capture the moment and also secure two cups of tea and also my hands were freezing and also no one waited for my 'instagram picture' before grabbing a cup each

Between the 9 of us we had around 20 cups

During internship, being a group of around 10 people, every half hour or so I would bump into someone or the other while running around in the hospital and have a quick cup at the cafe. Me, Riti and Smriti even had night tea time rituals at around 11-12 before heading off to our rooms

That being said, I am on my 5th cup since the morning. In my defence, two of them were mint green tea

Nothing beats a milk and sugar and strong Assam tea cutting chai though. Brewed 100% Indian style

Have a cup of tea

Ps- That's Summi's hand. The one reaching out to grab a cup. Puja's one is the one which makes you think we were probably in Antarctica

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Are you an Introvert or an extrovert?

I can't really define myself as either. As I grow older I think its 3/4th introvert.
I love spending time on my own, being in my room, having mostly virtual connections with the few people I genuinely love and adore, changing my walking path when I see someone I will have to converse with, headphones in whenever out of the house, refusing to answer unknown numbers on my phone or the home phone, doing my own thing

Needless to say, I am a wreck when the WiFi is down. I have legit withdrawal symptoms like palpitations, anxiety, restlessness and a general aggressive behavior

No, I dont hate the world or people. In fact, at times I even go out of my way to converse and know someone.
But I am very comfortable with solitude.

Adi sent this doodle that day.
It's literally the blueprint of a house I imagine living in. This, with free WiFi, in the outskirts of a busy place (but still in the vicinity for food delivery) is my idea of the perfect life

Today I am meh. Meh mood. Meh life. General mehness. Reading through various topics in a very listless manner.
Pharmacology and Anatomy are just ruining my life

Ps - I don't own this picture. Its absolutely adorable. So if you own it, please let me know to give credit

Pps - I am definitely not the smartest person around, the instagram user handle was mentioned at the bottom of the doodle πŸ™„ @introvertdoodles is the mastermind behind this. The page is amazing and thank you for letting us, lesser mortals who cant doodle, visualise our thoughts better πŸ’œ

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Maki rolls .
Maki rolls and Sushi aren't just cravings. Its a state of being at times

Honestly though, I have only been to a handful of Japanese places and can barely manage a chopstick (I practice once a week these days, the Korean ones are easier) but I am still definitely an Asian (far east) food enthusiast at all given times.
If you ask me which cuisine to go for, I will say Thai/Indonesian/Korean/Japanese 8 out of 10 times

What I have learnt in those few times at a Japanese place is that etiquette is VERY important.
A. Don't drown or lather your roll or sushi in soy sauce
B. The ginger is a palate cleanser in between dishes or different types of fish
C. Don't order a California Maki roll (although that's exactly what I ordered the first time)

There was this little place near our university called Miyuki. We went there so much that the Chef actually gave us his card to call him in advance. That way he could prepare the fish and we wouldn't have to wait too long. He was amazing. I wish I knew more Chefs in life. He is an Indian but trained in Japan and taught me the little things and did not judge me for almost stabbing the Maki roll with the chopstick because I couldn't pick it up. He did let out an exasperated sigh though

I have also realised if your Chef is Japanese or someone who speaks it, just go ahead and say Omakase. Best. Experience. Ever

As someone who hasn't really developed the taste for raw fish, I have to admit I enjoy Temakis, Futomakis and Uramakis more than Sushis

Ps - Japan is on my top three favourite country list for a million reasons

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What does a girl have to do around here to take a decent selfie?

When Ro was a kid, someone told her if a lizard runs over your skin, the flesh comes off.
With the temperatures soaring and windows open to let in the fresh air, my house has become a lizard refuge. Mum is the only one who actively tries sending them out. I just make loud hissing and shooing noises and elaborate hand movements till they think I am weird and move away

I am having all sorts of non human troubles this week. There are a bunch of rabid street dogs who bark and growl and threaten to bite JUST ME on my morning walk. I have been reduced to carrying a stick (not to hit them, just shoo them, direct looking freaks me out) or waiting around like a creep for someone to walk with, past their territory. They have already bitten 4 people so it scares the living daylights out of me. I swear if I could pee and stake claim over their area I would do it

And I saw two HUGE snakes in the garden yesterday. Casually just lying there. Basking in the cool morning breeze. I just cant deal

And there is this HUGE beehive on my path

And a HUGE bull ant colony, one bit me

The only good thing this week was seeing my name on a list I didn't really expect it on

Summers are basically the absolute worst

Ps - the Korean skincare regime is working. Doesn't my skin look like its been crafted by Goddess Venus herself? Excuse the mowgli eyebrows, haven't done them in almost two months πŸ™„

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In my highly sedentary, indoor, sitting on my glutes life, I somehow managed to sprain my knee hard enough to need to RICE it. Its all swollen and ugly and painful and I am irrationally scared that I have lost my knee altogether

I sprained it while walking.
Walking, people. Not jogging, definitely not running, not even brisk walking, just plain normal walking. This speaks volumes about how much of a sloth I am. My spirit animal is a cross between a sloth and a panda

With all that pain, I decided to numb it by studying anatomy. Sure enough, half an hour into going through thorax and embryology of the heart, my brain was so overwhelmed, I forgot all about my balloon knee

In more health issues, I spent the entire week worrying about my failing eyesight and constant grime. Turns out, I forgot the expiry date of my monthly lenses.
I feel like I got a new set of eyes now

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Mum made me Rajma Chawal today

I was in a horrible mood yesterday and studied squat. Spent almost half an hour screaming into my pillow and poured a whole lot of hate to the world. And then it was so hot I could feel my blood bubbling and adipose melting (hah if only, I would LIVE in a sauna πŸ™„). It was a bad bad bad day, I swear Facebook just makes me mad these days

Anyway, to restore peace and tranquility in the household, Mum made me an all time favourite Indian meal.

My mum is an amazing cook, she manages all the Indian flavours and richness with the minimal amount of oil and ghee and doesn't use butter at all. I guess with trying to please her kid and also making sure said kid fits through the door, she became an expert at low calorie yet delicious cooking

This plate of Rajma Chawal however, was fed to me at almost 3000m above sea level, at bone chilling temperatures with just a tiny little candle

It was out of the world.
Sorry Ma, but Manjeet did it better. πŸ˜‚

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I miss camping out at Ro house and studying on the swingy thing

A blog I read today made me realise, studying isnt fun (unless you make it) but it sure is the easiest thing to do. A time shall come when I miss these days too. When will I ever get the chance to just sit and just study? I mean, I know I will have to study my entire life as a healthcare professional but not exclusively and definitely not leisurely.
So now, I shall quit my whining and complaining and embrace this. My tunnel is exeptionally long and dark but it can't go on forever

Thank you @medicalmyanne πŸ’œ

Just so you know, me and Ro talk every single day, multiple times

I definitely have abandonment issues.

#embrace #positivevibes #lifestyle #studygram

Did I tell you about how I almost died on this road?

I almost died on this road.

No exaggeration, a wheel of the cab was off the road, on the way down the plunging hillside. Specifically the wheel on the passenger seat side, where I was sitting.
The rest were in the back and slid out the other door and there I was, clutching my bag, clenching my teeth, thinking of ways to save my skull in a very possible crash. (The cab was in tatters, its safe to say there were no air bags). The idiot driver (who I am assuming was drunk πŸ™„) told me to get out, I was like, where bro? Down to my death?

Just to be sure, I opened the door to check for any escape route, there was literally no ground to step on.

At the end of the day, it was my girls who saved me. They heaved and pushed the car back on the path. I need to mention here, there were two very able guys walking down the road and chose to gawk and ignore and walk on.

Karma is a bitch lads, one fine day, you shall know.

Was I scared? Yes. Would I go again? Hell yes.

PS - word of caution to travellers coming down from the Dharamkot basecamp towards McLeodganj, please do a whiff test and check the reliability of the cabbie

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Random Adpo spam.
Moonface and Halface. I really should get a curling wand.

I am over a year older than that photo. I would cryogenically freeze myself about right now. They even found a new solar system albeit failed big time at the naming the new planets job. The alphabet, really?
Can't I just be forever 25? (Totally editing this out next year)

No but honestly, have you ever seen a rounder face?
Sometimes I wonder, will dark circles, frizzy hair and round faces ever be desirable trends? Can someone famous make it a thing already? πŸ™„

#adpo #moonface

All my skin care till date has been Mum passionately rubbing masks and home made scrubs into my face.
But, ever since I entered my quarter life crisis, skin care has become a borderline obsessesion. Nothing is more terrifying than getting crows feet and lines around the mouth and god forbid the dreaded sun spots

So I had to up my game.
What I realised was, I had been missing out on one of the most important aspects of skincare, Sunscreen. I avoid the sun like the plague, so I never knew it was that necessary unless I was actively out in the sun. After a lot of reading up on the internet and suggestions from Aditi and Riti, I started following the 10 step Korean skin care routine. (I substitute some of the products to herbal and affordable options)
Its been a week and my skin feels amazing

Sheet masks are divine

Also, I have been lusting over the cherry blossoms in Seoul all over my newsfeed for a week now and had to get a cherry blossom handcream

Ps - If anyone could tell me what on earth essence is and where to get it in India, I shall be highly grateful

#storygrams #storyteller
Thank you @mynykaa

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