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Justice Saunders  Barber/Men's stylist House Of Color Colorado Springs, CO Call text for availability 719.388.6638. Appt are recommended! #jusaunder

Flawless execution, seamless transition call it what you want. I'm not a perfect barber but that's ok, I work hard at it every time a client sits in my chair I give it my best shot. As long as you know that you gave your max effort every time your client sits in your chair then in time it will come. Never cut corners!

I've been trying to get this kid to grow his hair out forever. I guess this is a start lol.. Just a little texture for the young man.

All you have is you! To many times we put ourselves on the back burner. Investing time, energy, knowledge, love, joy, happiness, words, wisdom, patience in other things, other people and so on. But then when it comes to you, yourself/ourself we don't put forth the same effort. Why is that? When I wake up in the morning who is tired? When i am broke who is stressed. When I fail who will suffer? When i am injured who is in pain? So if you hurt for you, why not be happy for you, smile for you, love for you and Invest everything that you would do for anything or anyone else for "YOU"? Selfish doesn't exist when you are on a journey! Because how could you give the best you to anything or anyone if you have not invested in "YOU". I Love me. Narcissism at it finest.

Detail and sharp lines are just part of the culture. Some people like dreds, some people like soft lines with a much more natural look and some like texture. There is no wrong just your lifestyle your culture. And I love it all...

Just playing around with some texture and styling. A little bit of blow drying work and some texture powder.

This is a nice blend of clipper and Shear work. My love for shear work grows every day along with mens styling. Not where I wanna be yet, but will I ever be?🤔 practice makes perfect just keep grinding.

I love it when I get to do something different. Yes this cut is simple but it says a lot.. When working with curly hair you know the curls have a mind of there own. Notice how we chose to keep the cut very natural for a more lived in look. We let the curls live in there natural state. Even when styled I did not force or place curls in any position, I let them be (free).. And I think that says a lot about the personality of my client.#live#befree

He asked me if I do designs?
. And I said "sure".. Even though I don't push to do them they are not my favorite thing now a day but as a barber or stylist it's not all about (your/our) favorite thing. We are in a business of service so we do the clients favorite thing. As long as we can execute it we should keep them in mind before we say (no, not my thing)! I turned this kid around to look at himself in the mirror and he smiles and says "I look like a kid from the 80s/90s" I smiled back and said "well there ya go I'm a 80s baby" lol.. I'm in the business of making people happy.#smile#happy#80sbaby

Pay attention to those who know.
Growing up we always heard things like " a wise man once said " or " trust me I've been threw it" etc.... And I now believe this to be true! These type of sayings can be applied to all aspects of your life regardless of who you are, what you've been threw, where you've came from and what your profession is. Someone somewhere can relate. Pay attention to those who are around, open your mind and hear the music, hear the lyrics of life. Stop look listen learn. Each one teach one.@sunshineboriqua

Look whats available just in time for Christmas.... We have this beautiful micro Mogwai son available... visit my bully page for details @coloradostatebullies

Just a little something to show off head shape and fade placement, two key things needed to achieve a great cut!@dannytha1

I love the way black hair pops... A lot of barbers now a day are using color enhancements to achieve a similar look that was done here naturally. No disrespect to those of you who do it. As long as it's used right I feel there's a time and place for everything. But again this here is organic!

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