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It's been a minute..... 🦁 season is approaching & I'm excited!!! I've got some great things happening in the month of #August including this!!! My incredibly talented sis @micki_miller is rockin' out w/me & my uber fly & dope lyricist homeboy/agencymate @risingoverenvy is hosting!! It's going to be a fun night & I've got great news to share about this event soon! #savethedate !!!! ❤️u guys!! #agency22ent #bdaymonth #manysurprisestocome (📰: @jus10foster )

AYE! 🗣


Yo!!!!! And my sister @timineyfigueroa released her single today!!! Thanks for allowing me to be apart!!!

Got mine!!!!!!! Shoot!!!! Let's go @tashacobbsleonard

Man!!!! @todddulaney1 's flow tonight 🤦🏾‍♂️

Yo! So @marc_jay is doing a recording and more than likely it's gonna be lit. Make plans to go!!! 🔥

It's #throwbackthursday so I decided to honor one of my friends @iplay_nheelz ! It's so rare that you find people who submit not only their gifts but their lives to God without hesitation. In a day and age where people are questioning the future of "millennials" ... it's so refreshing to be connected with someone who exemplifies the true definition of a God chaser in our generation. My pastor preached a sermon last night entitled "The God of Tight Spaces"... and Allison you immediately fell in my spirit! My prayer for you is that this season expands you, matures you, sharpens you, and causes the glory of God that is already resting on your gift and life to be intensified. I pray for restitution for you. That the mighty hand of God redeems time for you and secures you in your purpose. You haven't missed a moment but you are right in the process of perfecting. Love you!! Now come to Atlanta to visit me !!! @iplay_nheelz !! And y'all she's a BEAST OF A DRUMMER 😩

My sister sent me this lolol. 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ TYLER!!!!

#Mood - PS: I miss drawing 🤷🏽‍♂️

I woke up super grateful this morning. Actually I can't stop crying. I remember being fired from my job two years ago thinking that it was the end for me. Questioning my purpose and actually questioning if God was with me or even heard me. And to see how he has breathed over me just leaves me speechless. I never never take any door for granted and I am just so honored and humbled to be able to do what it is I love to do on a daily basis. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. Never lean to your own understanding. In every thing you set out to do - acknowledge him. He will lead you into plain paths. And wherever he leads you provision is there. Love you guys! #JustSuperGrateful

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‼️ALERT‼️ I'm soooooo excited to let you know that the Pre-Order for my New Album #heartpassionpursuit will be available in THREE DAYS (JULY 21st) on digital outlets!!!!! #itunes #amazon!!!! #tashacobbs #tashacobbsleonard Instant downloads will be available!!!! LET'S GO!!!!!

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