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☆Jurii  • slavic blood | russian tongue | canadian soil 🍁• ☕️ • tea addict | visual merchandiser | artist • 🎨 Toronto-Halifax ✈️💕@nathandeluca's other half

Today's #mcm goes out to my boyfriend @nathandeluca and his "hey, babe, surprise! I secretly fixed old Kaidan armour!" which made me scream at my workplace 💕 I've always loved Nathan's take on Kaidan Alenko and this gift for me was the sweetest thing. I gotta get my ass in gear and finish Shepard for him. #mancrushmonday #masseffect #kaidan

Not at the Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold concert tonight which I'm a little bummed about 😭😭 But half price wings with drinks and good company sounds very lovely!! #ootd

I'm barely 5'3" in height but Sarah made me feel, and look, so much taller! 😭❤️ photography by @sarahhallphotos // costume and makeup by my sweetheart @nathandeluca and I

I haven't felt this comfortable, and happy, in my own skin in a very long time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Take care 💕

This photoshoot was absolutely magical!! ❤️✨photography by @sarahhallphotos // costume and makeup by my sweetheart @nathandeluca and myself, @juriilicious

More Diana? More Diana! 👌photography: @sarahhallphotos // costume: @nathandeluca and @juriilicious // makeup: @juriilicious

Sarah and I did a thing ❤️ I love her work so much and she's such an amazing person. It was a privilege meeting and shooting together. 📸: @sarahhallphotos // costume: @nathandeluca and @juriilicious // makeup: @juriilicious

Hey everyone! Have a wonderful week ❤️🌹 #ootd

Did my hair last night! 🌹#ootd

@nathandeluca is far away and I miss my darling ❤️

🎉🎉 It's my sweetheart @nathandeluca's birthday 🎉 🎉 Let's send him a greeting!! ((and shoutout to our best boy Paul @kamerapeople for taking this at Yeticon))

Close up of @nathandeluca's and my Wonder Woman. We took Diana through mud and water to photoshoots. She's a bit battle damaged but it was absolutely worth it 👌
#wonderwoman #DC #DCmovies #cosplay #dianaprince

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