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jun  Please follow only if you like what you see!《No F4F》Be warned of the inconsistent art style atm Profile pic : @baka_kouhai ○INTP○

Oh look its 2018 and i still havent posted a fullbody 👀 And slowly starting to enjoy digital since i get to experiment on lighting 👌👌

This honestly looks better in the sketch which means i really need to work on my colours 👀💦 Drew wannie's daughter Maron for her birthday yesterday 🙌 Only posting this today since i finished it during nighttime and the lighting is really bad ://

Choerry from @loonatheworld 👌

Aah finally posting again 👀💦 @artezacolors 's waterbrush markers and watercolour pencils were used in this! Its amazing how versatile these materials can get, from lining to just doing light washes by adding water 👌 Love these so much and they were tons of fun to work with ! Definitely recommend 👍👍

My part for @gtfolingling sketch trade but also a thank you for drawing me something for my birthday ! Hope you like it 🙏
And sadly the washi tape background isnt aesthetically balanced 😂👌

Washi tape art as a warm up before i work on art trades that i owe/have to do 👀 Hopefully i can complete at least 1 before the weekend is over :'^)
My proportions are still really really terrible since i havent been practicing but before i succeed i also need to make mistakes right 😂👌 Thank you for being so patient with me guys 🙏💕

Precious art pieces ive received yst from napyon25 and aiyuarts 🙏 Love them a lot and will definitely treasure them forever 😭💕 although i only managed to complete 2 art trades OTL i still had lots of fun with everyone :')) .
However i didnt get to befriend everyone so im not gonna mention anyone to be fair .
Also had lots of fun in tokyohands with all the puns from Kenny 😂
Thank you guys so much for making yesterday's artmeet so fun and pleasant 🙏 Hope to see you guys again soon! :^)) #junpoop_oc_anko

I need to work on my anatomy but Merry Christmas everyone~! :^))) Im sorry if this isnt up to standard but i really wanted to at least post something xD Ill work hard to improve 👀👌💦

birthday gift for wan aka tofubell_ on twitter! It looks pretty bad from afar but close up looks decent !! 👀💦 dont mind the awkward bg too ×-×" _____________________________________
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I wanted a new oc but she looks so mainstream lel, her outfit definitely needs improvement and ill slowly work on it 👀👌 and heyy i tried to digital again~ I do also wanna try get her into an rp group and hopefully make her an archer? Constructive criticisms are appreciated so please do leave them in the comments below !👍 _____________________________________
#paintoolsai #deer #oc #illustration #digital #mangagirl #animegirl #linecamera #petals #junpoopoc_minori #taeplsdrawthis

Happy Halloween ! Hope you enjoyed your halloween events xD i personally dont celebrate it but it doesnt hurt to draw something to commemorate it xD
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Ahh dont know whats with the sudden huge amount of people following but thank you so much! 😭💕 was heavily inspired by Yoojung on Whatta Man music video. Kinda wanna keep her as an oc too-FML We'll see! ;^) And just a heads up! ive been pokemon go-ing so sorry if i rarely post :'^) ____________________________________
#copicmarkers #copicillustration #mangagirl #animegirl #giddylizer #linecamera #kpop

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