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“By actively participating in the fabrication of this lifestyle, I have found that it is nothing more than an illusion.” Death of Youth

“I try my best to not base my confidence on the validation (or critique) I get from others, but on my own personal standards.” @JonDuenas M @Ksenyeah

“Life wouldn’t be as fun if you never stepped out of your comfort zone.” @SamanthasIsland 📷 @RawBeautyUnleashed

“The fear of failure and ‘what if they don’t like my work’ scenario was always there in the beginning and if I’m being completely honest, it still rears its head every once in a while.” @MarcusEzell M @CharleeElizabeth

“I think at the moment I am a bit obsessed with nostalgia and prolonging adolescence.” Beth Lane

“Confidence and that fulfillment with your work has to come from within rather than from others.” @JonDuenas M Shay

“I use the evidence of my growth to push myself.” @MarcusEzell M @ShericaSmall

“Confidence is one of the most desired human traits. It can take years to build and develop and can then be completely shattered within seconds with a single comment.” @AshElizaDavis

“I’m much more concerned with creating something that both the model and I are proud of and not about ticking anybody else’s boxes.” @KorayHussein M @FlaviaeSantiago

“It’s a beautiful moment when people stop trying so hard.” @JoeWehner

“Platforms like Instagram make it so easy to see the incredible work that everyone else is doing and it’s easy to get self conscious about it.” @MrJuiceBox

“The one thing that will hold you back is constantly worrying about what other people are doing.” @EmmaBella_ M @Babiigeee

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