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Junni Susanti  The love between a mother and son is forever❤️❤️

Do not dodge me
Even if it’s years ago
That doesn’t mean that sadness
is not there anymore
I just want to keep calling your name, I miss you 😘
Homesick for you in the past to the time of carefree❤️❤️

Spring has come in your hometown@Iauwhwee
I gave birth to you
I loved you first
I love you still
I always have and always will...
Your momma ❤️

Goodbye....do not be sad that I left the earth it was nice and nice to be with you
Goodbye dear friend
Lovely people remember me
as you have known me❤️
een mooie herinneringen❤️

Hey iauwhwee👋
You know ..the young cyclist from Belgium has died cardiac arrest
horribly disgusting .......
All young life that is still in full bloom.....
mommy should think of you
My dear son 😪💔

Memories of Greece 🇬🇷2016
I miss you as long as I live
I call your name Iauwhwee ❤️

Hey 👋Dear Iauwhwee
I miss you 😘
Happy Easter 🐣💜💛
Heart for you because I love you ❤️💕😘

Dear uncle Iauwhwee it’s wonderful family day in Copenhagen 😇😍
Lovely sweet little girl❤️

Ik mis je....🖤
Elke klare avond eventjes naar boven kijken en dat ene sterretje
te vinden en een praatje maken ❤️

I think of you in the night
I think of you when I wake up
I think of you when the phone rings
I think of you when someone asks “ everything is good ?”
No , never again is okay
I miss you every day ❤️

Do not be sad that I left the earth
It was nice and nice to be with you
Goodbye dear people and remember me as you have known me❤️❤️

Birthday🎂you always come back to hug me and kiss me
Will you come tomorrow or later ....?
Sweetheart I miss you so much😘💔

You look nice and kind
You smile make me happy
I always have questions..,.
Are you okay ?and you always answer me yeah It’ll be fine....
But now 💙

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