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Angela Ziegler 🔴  ⠀❝ But my dear, heroes never die. ❞ ⠀ ┏━✩━━━━━━━━┓⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⇢⠀Field Medic ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⇢⠀Junkrat/Mercy ⠀⠀⠀⇢⠀Mercenary ┗━━━━━━━━✩━┛ ⠀ ➲ m/w my liebhaber ⠀


Okay so whoever is commenting on my nigga's thiscrush needs to back the fuck off, he isn't looking. Him and I are interested in each other and legitimately you don't have a chance right now so
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This was some fuckery tbh
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Okay I'm really sorry for posting more Mercykill but all like 4000 of my pictures shoved themselves in one folder and I've only sorted Mercykill so far
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#mercy #angela #ziegler #angelaziegler #medic #healer #doctor #reaper #gabriel #reyes #gabrielreyes #overwatch #mercykill

Genji: @sparrow_shimada
McCree: @hang.the.fool
Reaper: @reaper_reyes
Soldier 76: @aimbot76
Tracer: @tracer0verwatch

Hanzo: @hell.bent.shimada
Junkrat: @daddy.junkrat
Widowmaker: @pro_.widow

D.va: @hanaa.songg
Roadhog: @roadiehog

Ana: @theofficial.ana
Lucio: @beatdrops_by_dr_lucio
Mercy: @merciless.mercy
Symmetra: @theofficialsymmetra

What are the privileges of my mains?
Mains are first responded to in rps, get tagged in photos and all around closer to me.

What if there's multiple people asking to be a main?
I'll allow 2 people per main. Anything past that would be a rare exception.
Ask to be a main below :)

I can barely remember my headcannons. Kms.

Ship Specific .
Angela calls his dragons Ramen and Noodle.
She frequently cuddles Ramen and Noodle.
She tends to call him Handsoap, knowing it annoys him.
Angela steals his hat then cheekily floats about ten feet above ground and watched him struggle to get his hat back.
She replaced his limb when he lost half an arm.
She really enjoys playing with his hair.
She refuses to settle down.
They were a thing before he died.
She saved him by replacing his limbs.
He frequently sleeps in her bed when she's on missions.
He's more of a tit man tbh.

Self Cannons
She hates being called Annie.
Afraid of heights.

Roleplay Rules
1. Do not mention rape or ask for me to do a "rape kink". I've been raped before and it makes me uncomfortable. I WILL block you.
2. No OC's. They're just too much of a hassle.
3. I don't have any lesbian ships with Mercy, so don't ask.
4. Literacy is a must-have. I speak English and would like it if you did too. No stars, and at least 5+ lines per reply please.
6. If you don't answer in 3 days I'll drop the rp. There is ONE exception to this.
7. Tying into 6, if you won't be able to reply tell me. If you want to stop the rp, tell me.
8. No sex immediately. Build-up is great. If you want the characters to be pre-established friends, sure! That's fine! But no sex immediately. Also, they won't love each other within a day of meeting. Like. No.
9. There are some ships I won't rp, even if they're straight (Mercyhog, for example).
10. Have fun, hey? That's what rp is all about!
casually waiting for someone to notice the mistake so I know they read lmao

This one is kind of on the lazier side, rip.

These are my primary ships with Mercy.
I do variants including au's.

If tagged that means we have an rp.

Jamison Fawkes
Full time Overwatch agent (resident explosives expert)
Jamison Fawkes was born in Australia in the midst of the omnic crisis. His mother and father kept him safe for about seven years before they were taken by the omnics (much like Angela's parents). Not long after, the Australian residents who lost their land to a peace treaty with the omnics grouped together. Jamison was taken care of by them, specifically Diana Rutledge, the wife of the odd Mako Rutledge. Her kids were kind to Jamie and they developed a bond.
However, it was all cut short when the omnium the group attacked exploded, turning Australia into a nuclear wasteland. Mako lost his family. So did Jamison, once more.
Those who survived called themselves "The Junkers" and scavenged for precious items. They had poor diets, and some even died of starvation.
Jamison hired Mako as his bodyguard after finding something that he could be killed for. Many people wished to seek him and tear it from his lifeless limbs but anyone who tried was hooked and mangled beyond recognition by a shotgun to the face.
It ended up being Angela who recruited the two into Overwatch, saving Jamison's life when he lost his limbs and giving him new ones.
I do not roleplay Jamison.
I don't ship Roadrat, Symmerat or Meihem so pls. No.

Angela Ziegler

37 in cannon, but depends on roleplay
Field medic, full time doctor
Angela Ziegler was born in Switzerland to two loving parents. However, at the young age of eleven her parents were killed before her by those known as omnics; sentient robots with a blood lust. Rescued by the local militia who had taken up arms to protect their home, she lived out the rest of her childhood as a foster child until graduating, when she went to college for her degree.
Angela was always bent on helping people, especially after the compassion she was shown.
Ziegler now dedicates her life to keeping the agents of Overwatch safe, traveling on missions with them and doing anything necessary to keep them in good shape.
Angela is known to be affiliated with Blackwatch, having helped them as well. She isn't fond of Talon though.

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