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J U N I P E R & F I G  ≫T h e⠀ H a p p i e s t ⠀F o x ≪

This is the first time Juniper has ever eaten a carrot and it was specifically so that Fig couldn’t eat it. Look at the spite in her eyes. She’s doesn’t even like them 😂

Forever Together

I missed you while I was sleeping.

Annoy them until they love you.
*Toof edition*

Scroll right and let’s talk.
I have gotten seven messages this week about people no longer wanting to care for the fox they purchased this past spring. That’s just this week. Fall is typically the time of year when the foxes that were born in the spring begin to mature and start to develop hormones. Their entire being is telling them it’s time to leave the den and find their own territory. This generally results in very upset and stand-offish animals that will bite or just want to be left alone. During this time they stop acting like puppies and begin acting like foxes.
Unfortunately, rehoming a Fox is not as simple as “can you take it?”. Because they are exotic animals permits are required, paperwork showing where you revived them is required, and there are strict enclosure requirements. Because of these stipulations we aren’t always able to help, especially if the animal was illegally purchased, abandoned, or in another country all together.
So just a reminder to anyone reading this: Foxes are wonderful animals and can be great companions, but they aren’t for everyone. They shouldn’t be conventional pets, because they are not like owning a cat or dog. They are still inherently wild with instincts and wild tendencies.
Here are a list of reasons you may not want a Fox:
•Food aggression
•Enclosure expenses
•Exotic vet costs
•Raw diet costs
•Destructive behavior
•Nocturnal behavior
•Highly unlikely to potty train
•Skunk like odor
•Typically skittish or aloof
For more information on foxes and their behavior click here 👉🏼 #livingwithjuni

Sun Spirit ✨


When you finally get to eat that snack you’ve been thinking about all day.

“If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.”

What a perfect day to do nothing at all

“Dear Mailman, please do not smoosh”
Ft. The cutest spider that ever lived.

Does everyone remember Rime, the female Leaf Tailed Gecko that was meant to be housed with Trico?
Well, Rime has been growing a lot and as she’s grown in size she also grew something else... uh... Rime is actually not a she, but a he! Oops.

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