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Ah yes, the sweet sounds of a train around the tree without any of the assembly. 🚂 (🔊)

Open Discussion: As many of you already know, I don’t condone foxes as being conventional pets. I don’t think they would do great in most homes because of their care requirements and overall temperament. However, just because they aren’t suited for most homes, does that mean they aren’t a domestic animal?

Did you know that chinchillas and foxes were/are both used for fur? Did you know that both began to be taken from the wild and tamed for the fur trade around the same time? Chinchillas were only introduced as pets after they were originally used in the fur trade, but were once a common wild animal.

When people see chinchillas in a home their first thought isn’t “that’s a wild animal it shouldn’t be in someone’s house”. In fact, chinchillas are extremely common and adored pets, but more often than not when people see a Fox in the same situation regardless of how far back it’s ancestors were domesticated, they believe it is still a wild animal and should not be considered a pet or kept for any other reason besides being a rescue.

I’d love to know everyone’s opinion on this topic! Why do you think people see one animal as a pet and another animal with the same historical background as a wild animal? Is it lack of information? Care needs? Both? Let’s talk.

“Somebody wrap me up, because I am a gift”

How Dare You


Every time I feed Herbal it’s like the first time he’s ever seen food. (🔊)

I heard a *THUD* from the other room. I came to investigate only to see Fig fleeing the room and Juniper pushed out of the bed, collapsed on the floor. There’s been some fox on fox violence here, call the authorities.

West Elm is making all your holiday dreams come true! They made Juniper an ornament for the second year in a row, and they’ve created this beautiful mug featuring our sass queen herself. Both items help to raise money for the ASPCA this holiday season. Snag yours and get a portrait of your pet at your local @westelm this Thursday 11/29 during their annual ASPCA Holiday Photo Shoot.
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When you’re trying to get your kids to act right for a picture.

Did you know foxes can’t snarl? They’re one of the few canines that lack the muscles to make a snarl so they open their entire mouths instead. Family groups will rarely harm each other, but rather settle their arguments by sparing with their mouths open. If you watch the beginning of the video you can see that neither Fox actually bites down.

Fig has always been gentle with people, but that gentleness came with a strong flight response to most situations. Even though I’ve had Fig most of his life, he’s only become completely comfortable with me over the last few months and now allows me to cuddle, hold, and kiss him without tensing up or running away after a few seconds.

Generally when I have guests he’s pretty aloof. He only shows interest in them if they have treats and spends the rest of the time scurrying away and hiding.

This weekend he made a huge break through. Even though there was a lot of activity in the house, he allowed himself to be pet, gave kisses, brought his ball up asking to play, he even walked passed them calmly while they stood on his blind side, something he’s never done before. Juniper calmed down tremendously as she reached her second year, and it looks like Fig will be doing the same. I’m really proud of this little potato.

There’s a Juni at the end of every rainbow

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