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Haven't posted pics of the progress of the #Yeard. The first pic was taken today, the middle was taken about 3 weeks ago, and the last on St Patrick's day. I will let it grow until my next birthday as I did trim it a bit. #beard #beardgang

Reposted from @savagemanebeardco - Don’t be one.
We’ve all seen them. The memes and comments that imply that if you don’t have a beard you must be a woman, or not manly enough.
Well we’re not about that and believe it makes this culture look bad. Why do we need to tear others down to lift ourselves up? We’re all about beards but don’t think they’re the measure of a man or not having one makes you feminine.
You do you, but I hope all of our certified savages and the lions den will help try to change the stigma. Let’s lift each other up, no matter what your beard level is!
#thesavagestandard #certifiedsavage #loinsden #beardbully #liftothers

Thanks for the love brothas! Highly appreciate it!
@jbbeardco @bearded_canadian_83 go follow them..

The current collection of beard oils and balms... And a few butters. Small compared to others, but it's getting there. I love this hobby, it's good for my health and easy on the wallet lol... I'm just in love with the bearded community, nothing like it.
#beardoil #beardbalm #beardbutter #beardgang

Officially 31! So grateful God has given me another year of life. Grateful for my family and friends that I love so much even tho I don't say it often. Y'all are the best! And thank you God for giving me a beautiful beard! And making me a sexy bearded man beast! #bday #31

Keep that beard clean and healthy! Here are some of my favorite beard wash and co-wash. I wash my beard one or twice a week and co-wash every day. I also use pine tar soap once a week on the whole body, hair and beard included. Seems to be a good routine for me. #beard #wash #cowash #yeard #beardstyle

Just got this in the mail, and let me tell you what... The amount of detail that went into this is amazing! The wax and color of the bottle was customized to my liking. Best bottle in the beard game period! And look at the actual coffee beans! It's a Turkish Mocha scented oil and balm. @nicholasbeardworks you hit it out the ball park! It was nice talking to you and getting this the way I wanted. I love it! 💀
#beard #beardoil #beardbalm #skull #wax

I like skulls and skeletons lol. It's the first thing that catches my eyes on any labels 💀 #beer #beardoil

The Hero has Arrived! Smells amazing! Y'all nailed this one. I love cologne scented oils, and this one is at the top for me! And thanks for the free Engineer! #everybeardhasastory #fablebeardco #beardoil #beardbalm

My current collection of beard oil and balm (balm is under oil bottles) I'm currently growing a Yeard and these are going to help get me there. I would always trim my beard because it would get itchy. That was before I knew these products existed. Now I can't get enough of them! I want more!
#beard #beardoil #beardbalm #beardstyle #beardgang

Encontré los nuevos rines para mí Yeep! 🤣

Why y'all gotta take a picture of me tho! I miss my hood rat! Don't know who the girl was 😂😂😂

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