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Ni är alla varmt välkomna! Inflyttning på tisdag! ✨#harrypotter #lärarstudent

Helg i London inkluderar givetvis Harry Potter studio tour ✨ Helt magiskt! 🙌🏼 #harrypotter #lärarstudent

Mycket bra lunch! Maten får 4 av 5 och sällskapet 5 av 5 ✨

Obligatoriska semlan efter matteplugg ✨ #lärarstudent #mattestudent #matematikstudent

Från helgens tur i Kil ⚡️ #snabbsomblixten #lärarstudent

Fredag i huvudstaden 🙌🏼 #lärarstudent

Fackeltåg ✨ #metoo #lärarstudent

Åter fast i tentaplugg. Astrid hjälper mig genom att lägga huvudet på boken och snarka högt🐶 Helt enkelt en mycket bra start på 2018! #lagotto #lärarstudent #matematikstuderende

Helgens promenad på gärdena i Kil 🙌🏼 Evelina: 2,5km
Astrid: 12536km #galenhund #lagotto #lärarstudent

Helg i Göteborg 🌱 #växtgäri #lärarstudent

Pluggpaus 🙌🏼 #lärarstudent #lagotto

At the moment I am studying to become a teacher in English and mathematics. The importance of the subjects are irrelevant to this post, however, the importance is in the way I want to teach. When the #metoo started I did not think back of all the moments people have thought that they had the right to touch my body, instead I started to think of how important it is, as a teacher, to educate my students. As a teacher I want to educate my students to not take it for granted that someone want to be touched. I have always heard that “boys will be boys” and that is something that I want to change. A boy does not have to act like the stereotypical man who thinks that the woman body is made for him. Yes, I write the word “stereotypical” because that’s the horrible truth. Moreover, the main point of #metoo is to let women all over the world to feel that someone is listening to their experiences and to inform the world that it’s so common that almost every single woman and girl has had the horrible experience of being violated. I want my students to know how to act around other people, and that the society will listen to them; that they don’t need to hide or feel like it was their fault. I want to make a difference to my students and to the people around me, and I feel that #metoo is a hell of a good start💪🏼

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