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Lisa Weatherbee  lifestyle photographer based in NYC and in love with the every day. repped by @tinkerstreet and @artistrepinc.

oh you know, just something else warm and fuzzy about fall...

extra excited to share a collaboration that @marco_lawrence and I worked on over the summer..this article out now in the wonderful @pressingmattersmag.
written/conceived of by marco and and photographed by myself, in this project we traveled down the delaware river in august by canoe. marco took inspiration from the plants he found there and used that inspiration to create cyanotypes, which in turn inspired him to create this stunning print.
it was a privilege and so much fun to work alongside my talented guy and i hope this is just the first of many collaborations to come.

i’ve lived in this neighborhood for over 12 years now and like every New Yorker, i’ve been sad to see favorite places come and go. but this one hurts extra hard.
the elizabeth st garden is very much in danger of being torn down to make way for yet another luxury development. first it was the playground on spring st, then it was the grocery store. then it was the beloved @mcnallyjackson bookstore around the corner, which is set to close next june. the mall-ification of manhattan is very real.
if there’s a small chance of saving this vital piece of green space, i want to do everything I can to help. join me at the protest happening next Sunday October 28 if you feel the same way as I do, or donate if you can (link in their profile)
mural by my favorite, the inspiration, @jr .

canon sent me their new #eosr to play with last month and it has been SO much fun to be able to take it with me on these fall weekends upstate. the color and and sharpness on this camera continue to blow me away...

yesterday we hiked back up to the spot where @marco_lawrence proposed to me one year ago. just like last time, it was the absolute stillness that really struck me. who knew that we would have a little place of our own up here a year from that day. if you told me everything that was going to happen to us from the last day we were up on that mountain, I would laughed and I would been happy but I would have cried too. I still cry when I think about the year we have had. but I can tell you without a flicker of a doubt that there’s no one I’d rather have by my side to go through all these things with. this year has made us both strong. we are ready for whatever happens next.

church rummage sale treasures. these dogs really need to be sold as a collection, don’t you think?

back upstate, taking deep breaths.

just out on my neighborhood stroll.

25 hour getaway with @beautifulandcandid.

brisket sandwiches and deviled eggs in a field under giant willow trees. yes.

i met @knuckle_sando on a casting call for a different shoot, but i loved her look and i had a million questions about what it’s like to live on a boat. we met up over the weekend, had an awesome time, and now i have #boatlife dreams that i just can’t get out of my head.

beautiful weather lately, beautiful shoots. @may_may_a and family were so much fun to spend a sunday with.

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