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BTS memes 💣| That Dank Coconut  ✩ | Twitter: jungfudge🐿 ✩ | Wattpad: jungfudge📚 ⠀⠀ ✖️Welcome, new to jungfuck? ✖️Being high on kookaine is the best ✖️I love my roasted chickens *^*)/


Whenever I take a test and I don't know the answer to the question, I always write "BTS" you know why?? Coz BTS is the answer to everything.
-Admin CREPE
meme © @kookiemycutie

Truth is that my health isn’t good these past days and I have an exam coming in a few days so I’m in a pretty big darn mess. I am literally forcing myself to be online on ig but I can’t take it anymore, at first I was thinking of deactivating but I didn’t want to keep my acc completely off so now Admin crepe will officially take over this account till next Friday. Love you! - Laiz

BTS hairstylist is obviously a huge Vector fan and 86K FOLLOWERS YASS CONGRATS LAIZ 🎉🎉
-admin CREPE

meme © @/dopedaegu on twitter

My friend wanted to eat nachos but the store was closed and he was pretty disappointed so I pat him in the head and told him "Maybe it's nacho lucky day."
yo it's admin CREPE here again and i dont have anything to say bye
meme © @/jineatsfood on twitter

Admin CREPE here again, posting from school... yeah im using our school's wifi again you know what i give up the first you guys can have it... BUT ONLY FOR NOW
meme © @_einej

Thinking whether I should change the background from green/yellow to red. Idk man.

So I was listening to Pied Piper and I felt bad so I opened my book and tried to study but then Not Today played so I closed my book and watched Not Today MV. My everyday life. So its still Admin CREPE here and
thankfully I'm not dead yet. .
meme © @ktrash_ig

Jin is actually me when Laiz woke up. and about my funeral, please make sure BTS attends my funeral
-The Other Admin .
meme © @parkdamnjimin

Hello this is Admin CREPE again posting from school coz i love Laiz so much ❤❤ KNOW WHAT IM NOT GONNA POST USING SCHOOL'S WIFI EVER AGAIN
before i die, pls tell my mom i love her, and tell her to play Fire in my funeral © @btssuweg

Goodnight🌒 -L
Guess who’s sleeping on the couch tonight^

So it's still admin CREPE here, and I guess it's high time I reveal myself. YES, you guessed it wrong, it's actually @punnybts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) AKA Laiz' no. 1 stalker. I know everything about Laiz hyung. His age, address, full name and where he works 🌚 NAH JUST KIDDING 😂 Hyung and I have been friends since forever IDK and that's why I know a lot of things about Laiz 🌚
so let's play a game, I'm gonna drop a hint on where he works.
and it sounds like TigFit any guesses??🙊 .
© @gwangjuho

I can speak 2 languages, English and JaPUNese. HSHSBHAJSNEOOKDC

So it's still Admin CREPE over here, I'll make sure to keep y'all entertained while Laiz is busy studying 😉 © @fidgetjinner (Wait are you relatives with KIMdall JINner🤔)

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