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June Bui  Location Independent Entrepreneur & Yogi 💕Business & Life Coach ❣️ Co-hosting The Digital Detox Camp in Brazil in Feb 2018. ➡️Link in bio below 🎉


For those who are looking for that little inspiration to get back up again! You are unlimited and unstoppable.
Do you agree with this affirmation?
Comment here if you agree with this! Tag your friend who you think needs some inspiration like this at the moment ❤️ Love you all.

Quick morning flow! ❤️

Happy Friday! Not only this hedgehog is cheering for you but I'm cheering for you as well! Comment YES to this and I'll send you the most loving message I can write about you. ❤️ Tag your friend who you think needs some thing like this, I'll send you both messages ❤️
Just because love is unlimited and unstoppable! 🤗

A cut of a flow I did yesterday! Long time no filming. I just realized how much fun it was 🤗Much love to the world!
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One day I went to my yoga class with a big heavy cloud over my head, hoping yoga would make my day better and I tried this pose. My head was thinking: "fuck it! It can't be worse than what I've been through today!"
😂 Luckily, that day it worked.
I managed to go backward and down then upward again 😆

Lesson learned: try hard poses when you're not happy lol .
No! Don't do that!!! .
Do this: Practice with a good teacher and you'll become better :) .
I've been lucky to have met amazing yoga teachers who've helped me a lot in my progress :) Hope you'll find yours 🤗
. .

Music by: @jlalter and @jeremyginsburg .

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Staying still doesn't mean staying balanced. As everything changes, every moment.
Balance means to live the change every moment it happens.

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Yesterday I found an article on women's health magazine stating how much this woman hates yoga.
It was a good article. It's a reminder that: yoga is not the answer for everything and the truth is: nothing else is, except for your own self.
You are the answer for everything happening to you.

And yoga, just like anything else in this world, is an option. You pick it up, you try it out, you're good at it, or become good at it, you like it and you stay with it. It's not something you MUST LIKE or MUST DO. Not at all.
Be opened to listen to what the world outside tells you, but don't follow them all. Find the voice inside and you'll have the answer for your life. .
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