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I spent so much of my life telling people the things they wanted to hear instead of the things they needed to. Told myself that I wasn’t meant to be anyones conscious because I still had to figure out being my own so sometimes I just wouldn't say anything. Appeasing ignorance with my silence unaware that validation doesn’t need words to endorse its existence. When Christian was beat up for being gay I put my hands in my pocket and walked with my head down as if I didn’t even notice. I couldn’t use my locker for weeks because the bolt on my lock reminded me of the one I had on my lips. When the homeless man on the corner looked at me with eyes up merely searching for affirmation that he was worth seeing, I was more concerned with touching the screen of my apple than actually feeding him one. When the woman at the fundraising gala said “Im so proud of you! It must so hard teaching those poor, unintelligent kids.” I bit my lip because apparently we needed her money more than my students needed their dignity. We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don’t. Silence is the residue of fear. I will not let silence wrap itself around my indecision. I will tell Christian that he is a lion, a sanctuary of bravery and resilience. I will ask that homeless man what his name is and how his day was because sometimes all people want is to be human. I will tell that woman that my students can talk about transcendentalism like their last name was the row and just because you watched one episode of the wire doesn’t mean you know anything about my kids. So, this year instead of giving something up I will live every day as though there was a microphone tucked under my tongue, a stage on the other side of my inhibition because who has to have a soap box when all you’ve ever needed is your voice? -Clint Smith

Annual naked bday pic of my baby @tess_herbert happy birthday boo boo I love you

Lol serious throwback 2015

Also mood

Also mood


Two smart brown folks sitting poolside drinking fruit juice.

you can't buy culture

Listening to Kendrick's "Feel" and feeling like the bad mami that I am. Wishing y'all the same 😎

Sensation island

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