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Goldenrod finally bloomed this week (sorry allergy sufferers). Local conservation laws prohibit picking the weed from our beaches so I’m looking for nurseries that sell it. The bees need it more than I do and we need bees - hang on guys! #southportbeach #plantcolor

On this beautiful last day of summer (just 7 hours left 😢), I decided to harvest the Ladies Bed Straw. Such a pleasant surprise with some unexpected hues! Thanks for the encouragement in my last post. I’ll do the quilting video as soon as my hands return to their normal color (not grey/green). #quiltcolor #naturaldye #quiltfabric

I can’t sing, dance or act, and all the super model jobs are taken, but I do love handquilting and sharing the process with others. I think I’ve come up with a good way to demonstrate it. If I were to make a video tutorial on handquilting, would you watch it? #handquiltingwednesday #handquilting #imahandquilter #slowstitching #quiltsofinstagram #quilts #yellowquilts #ciamember #madebyhand #twocolorquilts #quiltingasmeditation

Saturday decision: should I read, stitch or stare at the water? #southportbeach #handquilting #architecturaldigest #thrivemagazine #thenewyorker

I’ve had the same production schedule for a few years now (pretty late to bed, very early to rise and a full day in between). I needed a change (and more sleep). Without a doubt, my slow stitching experience this summer at @agatheringofstitches prompted a dramatic shift in my time management. I am really thankful for that. My pix in this post remind me that the some life patterns we create are better than others, some need change, and some are best left alone. Have a great weekend! #agatheringofstitches

From 1975: If you are a maker, a crafter, a creator, an artist, a feminist, a historian or a living breathing person (please @instagram enough with the bots already), you need to have this book in your library. #jumpcutartsreads #feminism #crafthistory

By far, one of the worst storms I have ever experienced in my life.

First stitch. One of the things I like most about hand quilting is the simple set up. May your week be as uncomplicated as this. #handquilting #imahandquilter #slowstitching #quiltsofinstagram #quilts #yellowquilts #ciamember

Finally, basting (thanks to my sister), and holding on to summer with a cool and quiet moment in my garden. To all of you experiencing Labor Day, peace and rest to you❤️. #quilttop #quiltbasting #ciamember #quiltsofinstagram #handmadequilts #imahandquilter #slowstitching #quilting #quilts #handquilting #handquiltingasmeditation #madebyhand #quiltcolor #quiltbasting

I couldn’t be happier with my indigo experiment. I also made a dye vat from my marguerite daisies and got just the greens I wanted. I’d say we have one more month of warm weather so I’ll be able to have another dye session at the end of September. I’ll be using these napkins a lot between now and then! #indigogarden #margueitedaisy #indigodye #ciamember

We shall see. It’s time to start seriously working with my dye garden, now that I have a much better idea of what I’m doing, thanks to @folkfibers and time spent with Maura. The colors for September are a mystery right now but not for very long (hopefully). You are looking at 12 oz. of my mom’s linen napkins. Time to harvest the indigo - wish me luck! #letsgoindigo #dye #indigo #agatheringofstitches #slowstitchingretreat #mainestitchingretreats #monthlymarker

It’s 8 a.m. and 85F (30C) in my work room. Time to turn off the iron. It is no surprise that this morning’s work looks like a pool. #itsgonnabeascorcher

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