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Giulia Scarpaleggia  📝📸 Food writer & photographer 🏡 Born & bred in Tuscany 🍝 Cooking classes & edible experiences 📚Author of #MercatiInToscana ❤ in love with @tommyonweb


It has been hard to learn how to cook meat, even harder to learn how to photograph it. In the past years I understood that the key factor is to choose a good quality meat, and that’s why I tend to buy it at my butcher’s, who has an incredible local meat, who knows where and how the animals were raised and who is always able to suggests the perfect cut for what I want to prepare. This is why I had a long conversation with him before cooking and shooting the roast meat article for the last issue of @cipiacecucinare. But the result where outstanding, as this coniglio porchettato, a roast rabbit with sausage and fennel seeds, can prove. #julskitchenstories

July the 22nd is a special day. Today @tommyonweb and I celebrate four years together, four sun kissed summers made of bowls of ripe tomatoes still warm from the garden, enormous moons shining through balmy nights, the hypnotic sound of cicadas and the most delicious food shared together. He makes me genuinely happy as a perfectly executed vanilla pannacotta, as a chilled chinotto in a hot day, as my grandma's eggplant parmigiana, as these tomatoes just picked from the garden. We chose a simple life together, and I am happier every day. #julskitchenstories

Genuine. Simple. Authentic.
This is our corner of the world, made of dry fields, olive trees, small villages and old houses. This is where we live, where we cook, where we wish to bring you with every story and recipe on the blog.
Juls' Kitchen is how we try to give back all the positive energy we receive from friends, local producers, cooking class attendees and readers. www.julskitchen.com

The only dessert you’ll want to make this summer. Choose ripe seasonal stone fruit and aim for variety, as this will provide different colours, textures and tastes. White peaches and nectarines, apricots, yellow and red plums… they all serve the purpose, with yellow peaches being my first choice as they char to perfection after a few minutes on a scorching hot griddle pan, acquiring a jammy texture. This recipe, along with random thoughts on life, diet, mental clarity and summer expectations is on the blog today (link in bio) #julskitchenstories

The yellow and dry summer grass is the perfect background for breath-taking runs through the olive trees and long wordless speeches made of looks and goofy smiles.⠀
I remember our first holidays at the seaside with Noa: her relaxed sleeps under the beach umbrella, the curiosity with which she explored the new house and the self-confidence that she gained in just a few days. Summer is a season to be lived together, with the people you love and with your four-legged friends. #EstateInsieme17 #sponsored @royalcaninit
L’erba gialla dell’estate è lo sfondo perfetto per corse a perdifiato tra gli olivi e lunghi discorsi senza parole fatti di sguardi e sorrisi sbilenchi. ⠀
Ricordo la prima vacanza al mare con Noa, le sue dormite sotto l’ombrellone, la curiosità con cui esplorava la nuova casa e la fiducia in se stessa che conquistò in soli pochi giorni. L’estate è una stagione da vivere insieme, con le persone che ami e con i tuoi amici a quattro zampe.

Treasure hunt in the vegetable garden for today's cooking class with @myplotofsunshine. Now we're going to build a menu with these ingredients. Follow the stories to discover what we're going to cook! #julskitchenstories

Melanzane alla parmigiana, eggplant parmigiana, are my favourite dish. Today during the cooking class we made potato tortelli and dressed them with a fresh tomato sauce, basil leaves, fried eggplants and a generous sprinkle of provolone. It was like seasoning the fresh pasta with eggplant parmigiana! #julskitchenstories

A spectacular location for a dinner in a Chianti vineyard at @quercetodicastellina, an organic family-run agriturismo and winery. The dinner was prepared by @latendarossa, who brought in the vineyard their unmistakable touch, with home made pici with chicken ragout, grilled pigeon and the best desserts I had in ages, including a refreshing watermelon gelato with chocolate chips. Thank you for the wonderful evening! Next dinner in the vineyard will be on August the 5th, you don't want to miss it! #julskitchenstories

It is again that moment of the year when my dreams of glory make me hope that it may be the right time to be selected by @saveurmag for their #savblogawards, the most prestigious international awards for food writers and food bloggers.
I’ve been thinking a lot about which category I feel I belong to, as you should point one, and I think *Most inspired weeknight dinners* might best reflect the spirit of this blog: homey, daily and reliable recipes which make a difference and give an authentic Italian twist to your weeknight meals.

So share some love for your food blogger friends and head over to @saveurmag to vote for the blogs you prefer. I’ll be grateful as always if you would consider to nominate Juls’ Kitchen among your favourite food blogs for 2017 for Most inspired weeknight dinners! :*

Another sweltering day on set for @cipiacecucinare. I'm learning a lot in terms of food styling, composition and quick fuss-free cooking week after week. A challenging job which has also the advantage of stuffing my fridge and freezer with food to share with friends! Here depicted a plum cake from last week issue. #julskitchenstories

Today was sweltering hot, so we opted for a summer menu at the cooking class. Fried sage leaves and fried zucchini flowers, ravioli with ricotta and marjoram topped with the sweetest bursting tomatoes, pot roasted rabbit with roasted baby potatoes, a fresh tomato salad and grilled stone fruit drizzle with chestnut honey as a dessert. #julskitchenstories

Pappa al pomodoro, a tomato bread soup, is the quintessential Tuscan dish. Cooking class after class, summer after summer, I came to my own version, which sits right in the middle in between Florence and Siena, just like me, just like the Val d’Elsa. This recipe comes straight from my last book #MercatiInToscana and you can find it today on my blog (link in bio)

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