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JStar  Lover of adventure and fitness Proud wife and mom CEO MobilityWOD & SF Crossfit Attorney 2x Whitewater World Champ 5x Whitewater National Champ

Sunrise mountain bike climb with @suppleleopard.

There were many many epic and amazing parts of our Grand Canyon expedition but I have to give a huge shout out to my 75-year-old dad Warren, who is the original health nut, and MAN did it show on this trip.
. . .
My Dad has been exercising and moving and hiking and going to the gym and eating salads since long before there were even gyms as we know them today.
. . .
He did not miss a single hike on the trip, many of which involved major climbing and scrambling, long uphill climbs along with 110 degree heat. All were hikes that our guides reported most younger people these days can’t manage and don’t even attempt because they are simply not fit and healthy enough.
. . .
He tried ducky-ing, river boarding, swimming rapids, and rowing the gear boats and laughed and hollered with joy at every wave that hit hm in the rapids.
. . .
Nearly everyone on the trip asked me “what’s his secret? I’m in awe of his health/fitness. There is no way my parents could do any of this, let alone all of this.”
. . .
My response - always always moving and not eating and drinking like an a-hole...consistently...his whole life. And, a health dose of tenacity, too.


. . .
I’m so honored to be part of @reebok’s #BeMoreHuman campaign along with so many amazing strong women (hello @galgadot, @arianagrande, @gigihadid @katrintanja to name a few), celebrating WOMEN who making change by transforming themselves and the world around them.
. . .
Join me and the women making change - TAG the strong women in your lives and pick up one of these t-shirts - 100% of the purchase price goes to support the Women’s Strength Coalition and Movement Foundation. LINK IN BIO.
. . .
#bemorehuman #reebok

Just back on the grid after 16 fully disconnected days on the Grand Canyon. Since I took all my photos on a real-life camera, it will take me a few days to post the highlights. In the meantime, this quote best explains how hard it is to describe the experience of floating the whole 225 miles. I will say that the best part was sharing the experience with an amazing group of people who I now know better than ever, and will consider family for life.

Friends! I’m so excited to announce that Season 2 of The Ready State is live! @suppleleopard and I tried to unpack the complex topic of PAIN - hope you all enjoy! Thank you to all our guests, to our producer @bacon_bandit and to @roguewaveband for the music. ・・・
Season 2 of The Ready State IS HERE, and it's all about PAIN! We spoke with athletes, scientists, filmmakers, and writers to help conceptualize the very complex and subjective nature of pain. Check out Season 2 for our chats with Georges St-Pierre, Chris Bell, Laird Hamilton, Amelia Boone, Sue Falsone, Dr. Stu McGill, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and Dr. Alex Hutchinson.
Tap the Link in the bio + podcast to listen!

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Final post before I spend 16 glorious days floating down 280 miles of the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon with these three @suppleleopard @timferriss & @ihviiimattvincent and many more amazing humans. It’s been since sometime in the 90s that I’ve been this technology free and I can’t wait to go deep dark. And, add this trip to your life bucket list - it’s extra special. See you in a few weeks!

And we’re off en route to the Grand Canyon for our 16-day river adventure, which is a trip we’ve been wanting to do since the day our girls were born. In typical summer travel fashion, we have yet to leave SFO and have already missed our connecting flight so we are gearing up to rent a car and drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff today, full National-Lampoons-summer vacation-style.
But we shall make it...and hopefully our stuff and our volleyball net make it, too.
Can’t wait to see @sierrarescue @maijawest @westerncody @ihviiimattvincent @ashley2784 @jimlesser @tricia.lesser @timferriss @sam_lesser

Just joy emanating from this kid...

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” - Edward Abbey
. . .
Just picked up @georgiastarrett & BearStar at a week-long wilderness summer camp at the epic Loon Lake in Desolation Wilderness. I am a HUGE believer that kids and adults alike need to get out in the wilderness as much as possible for spiritual and physical well-being. At least I know that’s very true for me and @suppleleopard.
These girls learned how to take care of themselves, take and measure risk, and just plain be outside 24/7 sans technology for a whole week. They are physically and emotionally exhausted and deeply happy.

You know those places where you feel like you are home, even though it’s not your actual home? Coloma is one of those places for me. Something about the smells and the views just gets me. It’s where I effectively became an adult, made an amazing group of friends I’ll have for a lifetime, got married and much more. Whenever I drive into the valley, I literally feel like I’ve come home. So nice to stop in here for a few before picking up my girls at summer camp.

Happy summer solstice! Went for a beautiful evening ride with @suppleleopard on Black Rock trail in Lucas Valley. We saw a HUGE rattlesnake that, thankfully, he saw first since he was ahead of me on the trail. I probably would have crashed just seeing it without the warning. 🐍🐍🐍
I’m so lucky to have such a good wing man. 💜🚴‍♀️💜

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