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Julien Blanc  Self-Help Speaker | Entrepreneur | Dating Coach ➑️ Cut through the false self-help promises you've been spoon-fed and release your authentic self:


Any confidence that's based on something external is also the basis of any self-doubt... #JustSoYouKnow #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

You think you're here for money, success, fame, validation, approval, etc. ---> But that's just an illusion, that will keep you chasing PHANTOMS!!! If you're completely honest with yourself, what you're REALLY after is changing YOUR EXPERIENCE OF YOURSELF... #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

To be everywhere is to be nowhere... #TransformationMastery | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

The journey isn't about "getting there", it's about realizing you're ALREADY there. ---> Trying to "get there" is just another thing that will get in the way of this realization. #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

A moment of reflection... | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

When was the last time you invested in YOURSELF? ---> We buy new clothes, new cars, new phones and tons of other new shit, but we never INVEST in the one thing that can pay the LARGEST DIVIDENDS... OURSELVES. #FoodForThought #TransformationMastery | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

Stop running away from what's inside of you, and start facing it instead... #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

Stop being so cerebral about life... Trying to fit everything into this perfect and logical "map" that you have in your head. ---> Let there be some things that remain unexplained... Let there be some things remain mysteries... πŸ˜‰ #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

Change the experience you have of yourself, and step into a completely new experience of the world... #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

The goal isn't to "feel good", but to feel whatever is authentically going on within us... It's because of this whole "I must always feel good" attitude that we've been conditioned to, that we start to resist feeling what's going on inside... And in turn, all suffer so much. #TransformationMastery (LINK IN BIO!) | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

It's not about working on the ego, changing the ego, or enhancing the ego... It's about DISSOLVING the ego. πŸ™Œ #TransformationMastery | πŸ“· by @dimikatsavaris

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