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My #TenYearChallenge 😂 •

Man I’m glad I found the gym lol

•“Sometimes you have to fall back to get a better view”• •

No slowing down this year. We’re goin all out.

•Shred vs Bulk• .
.Which do you prefer?
I was 165 about a week out from my show on the left and right is today sitting at 205. •

Of course everyone likes being big and bulky but personally, there’s nothing like walking around with that 28” waist being cut up😂

I’ve really been focusing on rounding out my shoulders and getting wider. Lots of raise variations and volume💪🏽

My tips for those boulder shoulders:

1. On lateral raises, engage your lats to keep the tension off your traps and on your delts. .
2. I like to bring the dumbbells a little more to the front of my body than just out to the side. Helps me feel it solely in my delts. .
3. Just like with almost every other exercise, keep a big chest. Don’t slump over or you let your back take over movements. .
4. On upright rows I like to keep a wide grip and pull the bar a little further away from my body rather than up close. Make sure your elbows are pointing toward the ceiling at the top of the movement. Narrow grip will target more of your traps. .

Main thing to focus on is delts are a small muscle group and it’s easy to let other muscles take over when your fatigued. Mind muscle connection is huge when it comes to delts. •

Try this shoulder workout:

Superset lateral raise with seated db press

Bb front raise superset with upright row

Face pull superset with bent over lateral raise.

Everything 4 sets of 15.

Don’t confuse your path with your destination. .
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, what you do and don’t have.
What matters is what are you going to do about it?

Soon it will be time to chip away and show all these gains being made under the fluff.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being unrealistic, wasting your time and that you’re living in a dream world.
Follow your heart, do what you love, work your ass off and never give up.
#Transformation #Physique

Taken from a morning check in video for my coaches during peak week. We’ll be back soon bigger and better. Count on that.
@coach.hassan @strengthbodymind_

“Destruction leads to a rough road but also breeds creation..”

You inspire people who pretend not to see you. Trust me.

In honor of the Olympia this weekend I wanted to say good luck to these guys. Some crazy competition in all the classes this year I’m excited to see everyone battle it out up there!

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