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“What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength for which his body is capable”. - Socrates •

Bodybuilding is so much more than just lifting weights. It teaches lessons that can be used in all aspects of life. Dedication, consistency, being uncomfortable and being able to push through whatever challenges come your way. -
People see us as superficial meatheads but fail to realize the gym is our escape, our therapy and a place we use to better ourselves not only physically but mentally as well.

Couple clips from the bicep portion of arms today with my boy @ballardinfante

Cable curls to the face then hammer curls and spider curls with a couple sets of seated curls to finish it up.

“The expectations I have for myself are far greater than the expectations anyone else can have of me”. 💯💯

• .Don’t do it for anyone else.

Always a great time with the squad. Happy birthday brother @prafaile

.It’s crazy how we can manipulate our diet and exercise to carve out the physique we desire. Sacrifice and consistency is a cheap price to pay. •

.This was about 2 months ago, right before my show. Missin the shreds but putting in this work so next time out we make this package look like shit.

“I was not delivered into this world in defeat nor does failure flow through my veins.
I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. -

I am a lion and I refuse to talk, walk or merge with the sheep.
I will not hear those who weep and complain for their thoughts are contagious. -

Let THEM join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure...is NOT my destiny.” 💯💯


Badass group shot of my favorite muscle group to train. Everyone loves back day! Hope to battle it out with these dudes again one day!
@mr_anderson_official ・・・
Shows are won from you know where. That BACK! Hands down my favorite muscle group 🤷🏻‍♂️. I mean, who doesn’t want to be wide? 🤔 #whereswaldo

Trying my best to look cool for @audraodenphotography 😂 .
. Shirt and jeans from @fathersons_ check them out!

2017 brought me the lowest of lows and highest of highs. New people in my life that helped me along the way. A lot of people that aren’t in it anymore but I still got love for y’all.
Change is always needed! You outgrow the people that hold you back.
Cheers to 2017.

Every person has a turning point. There’s no such thing as “too late”. Have faith and apply yourself.
It all starts with a vision and a belief in oneself that is undeniable.

Every meal, every rep, every minute of cardio.
It all comes down to those ten seconds for you to show everything you’ve been working for on that stage. •

.I know where I need to improve and I can’t wait to make this package look like shit. Time to grow!

Had to jump on the bandwagon and show my Christmas tree this year💪🏽
Merry Christmas!

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