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“Right when you think you’ve given it your all.. close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhaust the remaining energy in the tank to truly see what lies beneath the surface of consistent mediocrity”.

#MotivationMonday #flashback

Last night was like a movie man such an awesome time celebrating the marriage of my two friends!

Starting to get that itch to get back on stage!

Here’s a little off season physique update for y’all. Weights about 184-186 lbs right now. Taking my time and trying to pack on a lot of quality muscle for the next time we get on stage.

Crushed chest and delts yesterday. Give this workout a try. Nasty pump guaranteed. •

Incline cable fly 4x12 hold at top for 3 count•

Incline press smith machine 4x7-10 w/ dropsets•

Flat bench fly 4x12 hold at top for 3 count•

Flat hammer strength press 3x10 w/ drop sets and forced negatives•

Seated lateral raise superset w/ db press 4x10-12•

Front raise barbell 4x12-15•

Seated military press 3x8-10•

Cable upright row 3x15

.Working everyday to get where we need to be. .That arm blaster is something serious lol

Had a great time meeting everyone yesterday. Ive looked up to @mikeohearn for so long, getting to talk with him was awesome. Talking to Mr. O, @breonma_ and my dude @jeremypotvin_ and finally getting to meet @guycisternino . Awesome day.

45 minute line. Worth it.
@paigehathaway 😍

Miss you so much brother.

Goal is to have the nastiest back next time I step on stage. We growin💪🏽

Step out of your comfort zone and do some shit you never thought you would.
You might surprise yourself.

Some back progress. Excited for what I’ll bring for the next show

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