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Julie Lai  on a wild adventure following Christ!

*remembering the alaskan sledding days*

Overall, I had a good 4th of Ju-Lai 🇺🇸
#prayerteam #crippledlife #thanksvicky

Any of these girls could school you in a game of corn hole 🌽 #ripmyankle #praisethelamb

And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love
And all that was left was His love
-Lil Chano from the 79th @chancetherapper

Your love is wild,
Your love is wild for me.

I got Georgia on my mind, Chacos on my feet, new friends on my heart, and dirt in places I didn't know was possible! Thanks Jesus for bringing me to this place!

"I need nothing but God and to lose myself in the heart of Jesus."
-St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Hey, if you’re feeling complacent/mediocre in your faith right now, we’re in this together.
But I don’t want to live like this.
I don’t be half-hearted. Half-Julie. Half-awake.
I want to be fully, totally alive. Unchained and free.
I think you want to, too.
So come with me friend, lets run.
Let’s get up from our monotonous life.
Let’s move where the spirit takes us without reservations.
Let’s dream the dreams we can’t even begin to imagine.
Let’s dare to live more boldly where fear dissipates with the thought of Eternity.
Let’s drop everything, let’s go on this wild adventure following Jesus.
come, Holy Spirit, come.

The women in my life have something to teach me.
It’s kind of a weird idea. But dang, I’ve learned how true it is!
Recently while hanging out with different women I’ve been actively trying to find what makes them SO freakin great.
Because sometimes I feel like I need to reteach myself that no, being a woman is GOOD and no, other women are NOT my competition.
And by doing this I was just in total admiration. I was called higher by each of their capacities to love. It’s inspiring.
By the way she opened up her heart to allow mine to unfold.
By affirming my goodness.
By the way she made sure I felt known and understood.
By her keen intuition when I’m not myself.
By her intellect combined with humility to lead me to new perspectives.
By the way she spoke to me with gentleness when I admitted things that I’m not proud of.
By wanting far more than just my happiness, but what’s best for me.
We need more of this.

Riding away from my 738387425 papers and into summer ☀️

I'm all sappy right now.
Its the little moments like this that get to me.
There is so much goodness in experiencing life over $5 pizza. Holding hands and praying under string lights. Laughing about freshmen year. Looking around the table at people who've seen the ugly parts about me and chose to love me through it.
So, so thankful to share this wild adventure of life with such beautiful humans (at this table or not)

Ya know, if there's someone you want to be friends with, you should just go for it!
I had a friend-crush on Melinda after going to Mass one Sunday and witnessing her baptism. I was totally inspired. So like a weirdo, I Facebook messaged her. And guess what? Now we're the best of friends. And let me tell you, knowing her has been the greatest privilege.
Today is her birthday and I'm just sitting here like wow God is so good for one, creating someone so insanely beautiful (inside and out). And two, for gracing my life with her life. I love you so much mo-town!!!

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