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Julie Lai  on a wild adventure following Christ

I'm president of international buddy program where we get to mentor + hang out with the exchange students at my university. It's the best. Because I get to hang out with cool people like Maria from Portugal. And Audrey from Switzerland. Or Fransizka from Austria. #applynextsemester

I want to be in amazement of the dignity of the human person.
I want to look in the mirror and not see flaws but a whole person
I want to be so sure of my worth that I don't endlessly search for it elsewhere
I want to look at every person and mentally genuflect at their sacredness
I want consider it blasphemous when I see someone objectified, used, or dehumanized
I want to be on a constant journey diving into the infinite depths of each persons goodness
I want to close the gap between how we see ourselves and how God sees us
PC @madimyerscook

"We are not the sum of weaknesses and failures; we are are the sum of the Fathers LOVE for us." -St. John Paul II

"who is someone you know that is extremely joyous?," I asked our small group.
Every single person said Dominique. And she wasn't even in the room.
That's the kind of person she is. The kind of person I want to be.
I can brag about her forever. Happy Birthday to my bestest friend! 💕

"The riches of this world will fade
The treasures of our God remain
Here I empty myself to owe this world
Nothing and find everything in You
I surrender."
By @allsanddmusic song about the life of St. Francis of Assisi (my fav little city)

It's a beautiful paradox that we can look to God with confidence, as the King of the Universe,
yet at the same time we can weep with Him, as He personally knows the dark depths of pain and suffering.
He is for us. Amongst us. He has not left us orphan.

I told my Italian professor in class, "So imma be honest, I'm SUPER lost right now"
Ive never done that before.
But as I raised my hand, it was like I was surrendering. You know? You caught me. I don't have it all together. I'm wasting my time if I'm pretending that I do.
I'm learning that I should practice this more. In class. In prayer. With my friends.
And say, "this is just where I'm at." I don't wanna hold so tightly to my ego that I have closed fists for help to come in. I want open hands. I want other people's strengths and perspectives to fill in for where I lack. I want grace to fill the gaps of my humanness.

A journal entry from. 9-4-16. After Mother become a saint.
As I knelt on the cobblestone ground, I felt Jesus proclaiming the words to me, 'Julie, my dear, This. This is the life I want for you. Be a saint."
And with that I contested Him with all my weaknesses, insufficiencies. "But my grace is sufficient. Depend on me," Jesus responded.
I am glowing. My soul feels so alive. I feel like dancing. And singing. Mother Teresa is a saint. And I was there to witness it.

I'm fearful that Christianity just looks like curated Instagrams of coffee and highlighted bibles.
I'm fearful it's summarized as "be happy and be nice"
I'm fearful that the Cross has become a cute accessory and forgotten as an execution tool.
Because Jesus doesn't call us to be nice or happy. He calls us to pick up our Cross.
To dive into the mess.
To get back up after falling and falling and falling.
To be persecuted.
To say no to comfort and what's easy so we can say yes to something greater.
To run to Him in times of suffering, instead of running away.
To forget ourselves in love.
To live in real hope that every dark night has a bright morning.
This is the Christian life

I would say Kaysha is feelin 22, but old taylor swift is dead :(
Happy Birthday twinny

I live in two places: the past + the future. old photographs and journals. worries and day dreams.
1 year ago today I got on a flight to study abroad in Rome. Right now I'm on a flight to start my senior year of college.
And though there's places I'd rather be, this is where I'm supposed to be. Following Jesus brought me to my college, Rome, Georgia, and places that arnt even places but people and realizations. And if I realized anything, following Jesus isn't boring. The call He has for me isnt a future one. Instead His big grand call for me is to be present. That's it. And if this is where I am called to be, this is the way I'll become a saint. It's not easy. But I'm gonna try and be all in anyways. Because there's always an epic story to be revealed.

"In Mary we see that humility is not a virtue of the weak but of the strong who don't have to treat others badly in order to feel important." -Pope Francis
Sarcasm, comparison, gossip, power, privilege... there's no real strength in this. It's in humble and little hearts.

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