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JULIE FLEMING🦄  God is great 21. I love food and fitness. 95lb lighter. All natural. Fitonomy Athlete🌱 "JulieAnna" YouTube/Facebook Julie Anna Fleming


Just casually holding my Pink Lemonade BCAA + Glutamine from @fitonomy 💁🏼💕
I get asked all the time why I drink this during my workouts, soo here are a few reasons why!
•Boosts your energy •Boosts your immune function
•Reduces your soreness •Absorbs and metabolizes protein •Increases your muscle growth
You can use code "JulieAnna" to save money and bc you love me... 😘

Be around people who inspire you and make you feel good AF.
Today I trained upper body with @madisonsandor_ she always inspires me with her positive attitude(while I'm sitting there dying lol🙄) and how freaking hard she goes in the gym. Plus she runs like a gazelle, it's unnatural. Try all of these for upper body gains💪🏼(too white for the tan one rn)
Do 3 sets x 15reps!

Song by @balance510
Top @forever21 Leggings @lululemon Shoes @nike

Be proud of who you are and who you're becoming. There will never be anyone like you✨ 📸 the amazing @grubbw

Today was gorgeous, so I took my workout outside💕
Try these to burn your booty 3 sets x 20 reps!
As alwaysss I drink @fitonomy Pink Lemonade BCAA and Glutamine during my workout to boost my energy and enhance muscle recovery💪🏽 Happy Monday babes, hope it was amazing!!

This past week has been filled with a ton of tummy aches from all of the yummy fried food from Easter weekend. I've been juicing, eating yogurt, and drinking chocolate protein shakes from @fitonomy to help make sure I meet my protein goal each day. It's been impossible to eat anything solid right now, or even think about pizza(wtf who am I). Maybe this is why I should only have one cheat meal a week(or even a month tbh) instead of a long weekend filled with it🤔
Headphones @sudiosweden code JULIE saves you money on your new pair😏
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Finally, FINALLY starting to see some of my strength come back after getting comfortable in my new gym. Finding a new gym came with a lot of anxiety, and making it harder on my body to function. It's easy to fall out of your routine and feel like your world is collapsing around you, but honestly you just can't give up on yourself.
Lately I've been consistently taking @fitonomy supplements to feel and see the results I want💗 use code JulieAnna to save ya money.

Belt @totalprofitness size small

Today I watched the food network for 50minutes while doing cardio, bc food is my motivation🤷🏼‍♀️
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#ilovefood #notcardio #nomakeup #justthatsweatglo

Start embracing your insecurities and be comfortable in your own skin. 📸@grubbw

Hope y'all had a very Happy Easter💕 (swipe to see if you can spot the bunny🐰)
Dress @fashionnova

Nothing like sipping on Pink Lemonade BCAA+Glutamine(by @fitonomy "JulieAnna" saves you monaaay) and running off all the Easter candy between meals
Happy Easter everybunny🐰 #iloveeaster #holidaysaremyfav #allidoiseat #fitonomy

Today was a booty day bc I know I'm about to eat twice my weight this weekend lol🐰🐣🐥 Any holiday is a reason to eat, am I riiiight?? But Easter is particularly one of my favs #inserteastereggemojihereplz #iloveeaster #ihaventwashedmyhairsincemondaylol #howmanypairsofgraypantsdoirllyowntho

5'9, 163 pounds, and the happiest I've ever been in my life.

Stop worrying about that number on the scale, please.
I haven't been 113 pounds since 6th-7th grade, and I'll never weigh that much again(unless you cut off my legs lol). In 8th grade I was 143 pounds, and it only went up from there. I've always been taller. I've always been a little heavier than the other girls. I've always felt ashamed of being heavier. I've always felt like I had to hide how much I weigh, or even lie about it. Why?? I have constantly been put down for being heavier or having a big butt(even in 6th grade wtf) my entire life. Now I couldn't be prouder of my big booty and how much I weigh because I've literally worked my ass off(then built it back up) to get here. Everyone is built differently, appreciate what you have because you're so special💗 and ilysm! #happyhumpday #appreciatewhatyouhave #gainingweightiscool #theseshortsdidntfitthreeyearsagolol

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