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JULIE ANNA FLEMING🦄  22 | God is great | All natural ☠️ @tilyoucollapse Athlete: JulieAnna 🖤 YouTube: Julie Anna Fleming 👇🏻 Workout Programs

Wishing I could be in the gym, but truth is I’ve been so sick I haven’t been able to get out of bed for the past four days☹️
Please pray and send all the good vibes my way. We always take our health for granted until something happens. Do what you can while you’re able do it 💕 Once I’m better I’m never leaving the gym lol.

Top is @tilyoucollapse
Excited for all of the 🔥🔥🔥 they’re about to drop! Use my code “JulieAnna” for a discount


Just chillin with my Green Apple BCAAS from @womensbest and letting my body take the weekend off from the gym 💖 happy Sunday my loves!
All of my Workout Programs are linked in my bio 💕

What else makes you smile this big tho 🍕😛

If you’re not training back by now please stop what you’re doing and hit the gym. Tag a friend and do 4 sets X 15 reps of each exercise! ✖️Lat Pull Downs
✖️Kneeling Close Grip Pull Downs
✖️Squatting Single Arm Rows
✖️Lat Push Down
✖️Hanging Leg Raises
✖️Hanging Knee Tucks
Every muscle in your body needs to be trained at least once a week in order to make a change. Try training the same muscles the same day every week, that’ll also help you get in the routine of going to the gym regularly! Always know what you’re going to train before you go to the gym so you don’t have to waste any time not making your body cry lmao. If I’m not sweating then I feel like I’m not doing sh**. On upper body days sometimes it’s harder for me to get a sweat going so I love starting with sprints or a HIIT circuit to get my body warmed up. Not only does it make you feel good but it definitely helps get rid of stubborn fat too! Let me know how y’all feel after this workout💪🏼💦 For the full workout click the link in my bio 💗

Song is Lonely by @johnnyyukon 🖤

miss me with that bs 🖤

Recovering from last night out with my mama with some cardio, abs, and watermelon sorbet BCAAs from @womensbest 😋
Happy Mother’s Day 💕 thankful that I got the best mama out there
#womensbest #mymomsthebest

When he’s more excited than you about your booty gains lmao 💕

Booty gains from my Full Body Challenge 😝 link in my bio!

Wearing the new @tilyoucollapse joggers in a size small, idk if you can see them tho bc they’re camo.... #hesmyspiritanimal #stillthickerthanurmom

From not doing enough to doing almost too much, I found a way to live that actually makes me feel alive. Your journey won’t look like anyone else’s and that’s ok. The worst thing you can do is be like someone else lol. Your body, your mind, are all yours. Only you know what truly makes you happy, recognize it and do more of what makes you happy. Don’t know what makes you happy? Then try something new. Fail a few times if you have to, fuck I’ve failed hundreds of time. I’ve learned to laugh with failure and to make it more of an accomplishment when I overcome it. Don’t be afraid to take your next move because your afraid to fail.
Your journey is yours, let it be everything you want it to be babes 💖 happy monday!

My Workout Programs are linked in my bio 💕

happy cinco de mayo, hope everyone had plenty of margs and tacos ilysm 🌮💕 #tacoslut

Happy Friday babes 💚 Doing a full body HIIT workout today, plz pray for me 😅 Sipping on the Green Apple BCAA Amino from @womensbest to help me with the side affects of this workout lol 🙃
What’re y’all training today?

Leggings @tilyoucollapse

Swipey swipe 4 back gains 💪🏼
Tag ya friends and do 4 sets X 15 reps of each exercise 💕
For the full workout check out my Full Body Challenge Program in the link in my bio!

Leggings are @tilyoucollapse V2.5 Classics and I’m a size small 💗 Use my code “JulieAnna” for a discount! They’re releasing so many new items tomorrow at 12pm PT, set your alarms so you get the sizes you need!

Song is ‘No Time’ by @_brandongomes

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