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JULIE ANNA FLEMING🦄  God is great 21•I love food and fitness•95lb lighter•All natural•Fay, AR Fitonomy🌱15%OFF "JulieAnna" @TilYouCollapse Athlete www.julieannafleming.com


It was leg day and it really kicked my 🍑😭
Try these three next time you're at the squat rack, so you can cry too.
Banded Leg Raises 4 sets X 15 reps(each leg)
Wide Squats 3 sets X 10 reps
Narrow Squats 3 sets X 10 reps
I took my Fat Burner from @fitonomy this morning so I was sweaaaatin' 💦 Use code "JulieAnna" for a discount on @fitonomy ! Hope y'all have had a wonderful Tuesday 😘 #happy #tuesday #fitonomy

Even when we feel like we're going the wrong direction, know that there's always a reason for what you're going through. There's always a lesson to learn and something to be grateful for. Open your eyes and heart ❤️ This adorable outfit is from @lovefitnessapparel they're launching new items today at 1:00PM Hawaii Time! I'm wearing a size small in the bra and medium in shorts(feels better than speed shorts😍). Yes, this is another brand that kills it like lululemon 🙌🏼 go be obsessed, you're welcome. Hope y'all are having a happy Monday!!
#happy #mondaymotivation

Lately I've been doing a mini cut, which just means a ton of sweating for me😅
The key to this mini cut is trying not to eat pizza more than once a week and taking a shot of Piña Colada L-Carnitine from @fitonomy before every workout or cardio session. L-Carnitine helps convert your fat into energy, so it is forreal bae. Fair warning that you will need a sweat towel if you take it because you'll be dripping. My bra is also from @fitonomy btw, I'm wearing a size small. Use code "JULIEANNA" for a discount on @fitonomy 💗
#happy #sundayfunday #fitonomy #isbae

Thankful for social media because I get to meet the sweetest people💗 I love y'all sm!!

Just take a step further apart. You're perfect the way you are. You don't need a freaking thigh gap to make you fit or healthy. Embrace yo thick thighs because chances are someone else is jealous of them. Stop wishing for something you don't have and embrace what you DO have. As long as your doing your cardio, workouts, and eating somewhat healthy(bc let's face it I eat pizza too often lol) you're trying. All you can do is try to better yourself, but BE HAPPY with yourself and the process. Not everyday is easy, just stay positive because I love you and believe in you☺️💗 Happy Friday babes!! #happy #flexfriday #hopeyoulikemygrannypanties

For everyone who wants the align pants, GUESS what?! @tilyoucollapse has made their own version🙌🏼 First of all it is about half the cost AND they come in better colors. You'll fall in love, believe me. They're also having a HUGE restock tomorrow at 12PM PST! Everything has been selling out fast so make sure you have your alarm on because you won't want to miss this!
I'm wearing a size XS and I usually wear a size 4 in lululemon for reference. Y'all can use code "JulieAnna" to save some money 😘 Be prepared for an addiction to their clothes... #happy #thursday #ilysm

Good morning ☀️ 📸 @grubbw

Sometimes all the squat racks are taken so you have to get creative 🙃
Try this workout rn, tag yo fraaanz!! •Reverse Hack Squat 4 sets x 12 reps
•Cable Kickbacks 4 sets x 15 reps
•Cable Straight Leg Kickbacks 4 sets x 10 reps

My goal lately is to lose fat while maintaining my muscle, I've been taking a shot of Piña Colada L-Carnitine from @fitonomy before I workout to turn my fat into energy(and tears bc sweaty af) ✨ Use code "JulieAnna" on your next @fitonomy order bbs! Hope y'all are having a happy hump day 🍑 ilysm
#happy #humpday #fitonomy

Lookin' like an anime character because I had my eyes dilated at the doctors 👀
I took my friend through an intense booty workout today, can't wait to share it with you guys 😘
Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!! #thoseanimeeyestho #ilooklikeimtrippinglmao

Want to see my FULL back workout? Click the link in my bio, bc yo gurl finally made a new vlog 🤗 I tried the @fitonomy app and it helped me to try a couple of new things, making me sore for days! Plz watch my vids and sub to me bc you love me.... and Ily. Happy Monday bbs 💕

Top @lululemon Leggings @tilyoucollapse Headphones @sudiosweden Shoes @adidas
#happy #mondaymotivation

Never underestimate the power of good lighting, angles, and your hard work 💕 Yes angles and lighting helps to get a good picture, but in the end the picture is of you. You worked hard to get there. As long as you're not photoshopping your pictures, the picture is of YOU.
Also, this is why I can't wear shorts in public lol🙃 booty too big.
Ft. my favorite Pineapple BCAA + Glutamine from @fitonomy 🍍 I'm wearing their new sports bra in a size small, they have leggings to match too 😍 use "JulieAnna" for a discount bbs!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday, ilysm 💕
#happy #weekend #fitonomy #isbae

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