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JULIE ANNA FLEMING🦄  God is great 21. I love food and fitness. 95lb lighter. All natural. Fitonomy🌱for 15% off use "JulieAnna" Fayetteville AR www.julieannafleming.com


Stop worrying about the wrong things.
The world is bigger than you and me. There is so much more out there in this world than for you to worry, period. Breathe deep and let your worries go❤️ Sweet dreams bbs, love y'all very much! 📸 @grubbw
#sundayfunday #selfiesunday #ilovesundays #goodnight

Leggies 🍑
I'm honestly still miserably sore from this workout lol 😅 I'm glad I drank my Pineapple BCAA + Glutamine by @fitonomy during my workout, or the soreness would be even worse than it already is. BCAA + Glutamine speeds up and helps with muscle recovery and protein synthesis! Use code "JulieAnna" to save money on your @fitonomy order 💗

Outfit deets
Leggings @inspired_activewear Top @lululemon Shoes @adidas

Song is Electric by Alina Baraz
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Drunk selfies when your highlight looks good AF>>> #itsmyfriendsbirthday

Me vs. me
The picture on the left was in 2014 when I was doing mostly cardio and being very strict with my diet. The one on the right was in 2017(15lb heavier in this pic), with mostly strength training, some cardio, and a lot of cheat meals 😛 I've had my fair share of transformations from being overweight, to how I was in 2014, and my current body. One thing I've learned is that you can't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. You and your body are so unique. Stop comparing yourself to people you see on social media and be happy with yourself.
You are amazing and ily💗 have a great Thursday!!
#happy #thursday #tbt

Some days are easy than others. Sometimes I need Pre-Workout to get myself pumped for a workout, sometimes all I need is the energy bursting inside of me. For the days that I need a pick me up I use a scoop of Fruit Punch Pre-Workout by @fitonomy before my workout ❤️ Not only does it taste like actual Fruit Punch, but it doesn't leave me feeling jittery or anxious. Use code JulieAnna to save on @fitonomy 🍒
Happy hump day bbs, I love y'all!! #happy #humpday #fitonomy #wishiputmyhairbehindmyear #lolOCDaf

Happy Tuesday babes 💗
I trained legs and booty with my bestie today and we killed it. Having someone lift with you really helps you to push yourself and to laugh between lifts! Plus your friend can block the creepy dudes staring at you or the mean muggers🙃
Leggings @inspired_activewear Top @lululemon Shoes @adidas Headphones @sudiosweden
#friendsRlyf #plzdontstareatme #happy #tuesday

Head to toe in @fashionnova 💕 "XOJulieAnna" saves you money on your next order bbs!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, I love y'all very much 😘
#happy #monday

BACK DAY💪🏼 Superset this with close-grip rows, do 3 sets x 15 reps! I drank my Pineapple BCAA + Glutamine from @fitonomy during my workout to help with a quicker muscle recovery time! Use code "JulieAnna" to save on your @fitonomy order 💗
Watch until the end to see me smile 😘 Happy Sunday babes!! #sundayfunday #backday #fitonomy

Find someone that looks at you the way I look at pizza🍕💕 Top @harperandlilli Jeans @fashionnova
#truelove #pizza #bouttohaveafoodbaby

Squuuuats ❤️
Lately I feel like every workout has been the best workout. It's amazing actually being able to feel and see progress. Whether if it's being able to lift 5lb heavier or a muscle poppin' out, just recognize your progress and be proud!! We are so hard on ourselves all the time, just be proud of yourself for a second please.
What's been helping me power through my workouts lately? Adding in L-Carnitine(Piña Colada flavor) from @fitonomy before my workouts has been giving me the energy and endurance to kill any workout in my way.
Use code "JulieAnna" to save 15% OFF @fitonomy 🍍

Song is Love by Kendrick Lamar

#happy #thursday #fitonomy #asssweatalways

Happy hump day loves💗 I had the best leg and booty workout tonight, vids are soon to come! Hope y'all had a great workout and day, ily sweet dreams😘
Outfit is tagged!

#happy #humpday #asssweatalways #imdeclawedrn #posedaf

Outdoor workout for me today☀️ I was just NOT in the mood to go to the gym. I just wanted to sweat and enjoy this beautiful day, so like Hannah Montana, here I am getting the best of both worlds. Do 5 sets X 20 reps, make sure to squeeze until dat ass is ugly 😏
Add some sprints in between your sets to make that fat melt away and to make yourself actually cry💦
It's also time to announce my WINNERS for my giveaway🤗💗 Thank you to everyone that participated, y'all are bae!!
The winner of the @sudiosweden Pink Vasa Headphones is @alannamatthews
The winner of my Full Body Challenge Program is @_mariapapadopoulos 💕 Congrats on winning bbs!
Song is Lose by Travis Scott
Leggings @lululemon Hat/Shoes @nike Bra @victoriasport
#giveaway #thatcoverpictho #iliketosweat #imisshannahmontana

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