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Soulful Baker  Wife, Mum, cook and baker. My first cookbook can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com use the link below for US pre-order πŸ‘‡πŸ’•


S o u l f u l B a k e r πŸ“– Page Preview
Apple roses burst onto social media a couple of years ago, adorning everything from tartlets to smoothie bowls. Upon seeing them, I and millions of others, set about re-creating our own versions. This apple tart is the outcome from that apple rose phenomenon, and I can only thank social media for the inspiration. Find the recipe on how to make it in #SoulfulBaker out next month. For US pre-orders click the link in my bio, UK customers head to Amazon.co.uk
Photo credits πŸ“· Lisa Linder

Blackcurrant Struddely Thingy. It's official title πŸ˜‚ I was given loads of blackcurrants, half went in to smoothies and this is what I made with the rest. Something new and loved the effect it gave to the finished baked pie...thingy!
I love blackcurrants, and blackcurrant ice cream - well that's just the best! Perhaps the combination of the two would be πŸ’₯πŸ’œ how do you eat yours?

Summer has maybe done one but these tarts are a reminder that it was here, if only briefly β˜‰

You know, I've faffed on trying to get a pic of that strudelly thing i made yesterday, and I just ain't feeling it....so I'm having a cheeky 🍷 ( a bit early I know, but it's the school holidays - Mum's, you get me?! ) and I'll come back to it later, all hazy eyed and seeing everything differently πŸ˜‚
Until then, you all have a lovely evening, ching ching and lots of love πŸ·πŸ’—

S o u l f u l B a k e r πŸ“– Page Preview πŸ“ƒ
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart. .
Soft and luxurious, this chocolate tart is a real treat and one I usually reserve for the adults. The layer of the salted caramel only adds to the luxury. It does, however, need a bit of forward planning as the chocolate layer needs plenty of time to set in the fridge prior to slicing.
You can find the recipe in my new book #SoulfulBaker, out on the 21st September. The UK pre-order link is in my bio.
Photo credit πŸ“· Lisa Linder

Just feeling like this one deserved a little more of the limelight. But also because I needed something to break up the brown tones on my feed before I post something chocolatey. Next post will be a birthday cake for my Step Dad. He'll be 80 on Tuesday so I've made him a special cake, which to me sums him up perfectly (the sweetest, wisest old owl there is) I love him soooooo much. Take a preview on my story. My youngest boys made their own version too which was great fun - loads of mess made with ridiculous amounts of sneaky chocolate being eaten. I love baking with them - I hope they remember these days forever, just like I do when I baked with my Mum. Precious moments πŸ’•

Caramel apple and frangipane pies.
These little pies made a few peoples day yesterday. Mostly my Grandad Lloyd's. If you haven't seen my story from yesterday check out his reaction. When I left his house his neighbour was outside and he made a point of telling him that I'd brought him an apple pie and it was in the shape of a heart! Simple things can bring so much joy. I'd made his day and that's why I love baking for people. My Mum enjoyed hers too, and oddly made a comment which I thought was funny "it's better than the last lot" she said, which of course means she's referring to something in the past.....she does remember things you see!
It's the little things πŸ’–

A selection of Caramel apple and frangipane pies ready to be egg washed and baked.

I thoroughly enjoy the time when I can just loose myself in making intricate things. When the house is silent and I'm alone, that's when some serious unwinding gets done - Essential during the school holidays when you hear 'Mummy......' 10,000 times a day and get asked at least 500 unanswerable questions, which will be repeated until you have the answer! 😣

I'll bake these up later, but for now I'm in demand as a font of knowledge πŸ€“

Because sometimes a girl just wants cake with copious amounts of cream and a cherry on top πŸ’

Happy new week to you all β€πŸ’

Chocolate and cardamom swirls.

Goooooood Morning.
And happy Friday to you all πŸ™ŒπŸ’—

Buttery chocolate and cardamom swirls.
I woke up with a lightbulb moment today. Off I headed to the kitchen to put to use a new layering technique I recently discovered, and this is what I came up with. Now if you think they look tempting here, wait until you see the baked pic! They worked out just perfect, crispy yet soft on the inside, which gave them a lightness even though they were pretty buttery. The cardamom flavour was just right with the chocolate and the smell was heavenly. All in all a very successful experiment.
Check out my story for a sneak peek of the baked swirls πŸ™Œ

Still one of my favourites from the season πŸ“

No time for baking today, instead the kids have been busying me with making farms and zoos. We've coloured in and made things, I've been Batwoman and a zombie and been declared rubbish at Slither.io (true) I'm utterly exhausted and it's only day two of the holidays...but, I'm going out tonight which is a very rare occasion! All I'll say to that is πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ·πŸΈπŸ’ƒ
Hope you're all having a great Saturday xx

A little peek at the inside ❀

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