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Julie  Wife, Mum, cook, baker. Author. Soulful Baker is available in stores and can be ordered online now πŸ’•

I made another carrot cake for a book event this week. It went down a treat and more than one person told me it was worth buying the book for alone! My Mum would be chuffed with that one (it's her recipe). .
It's now officially the done thing....book event = carrot cake. The next one up is at the New Book Shop in Cockermouth on Tuesday. Do come along if you are near by. I'll be there from 7pm armed with another huge carrot cake to share. I'll hopefully see some of you there. Nothing beats meeting you in person πŸ’•

The pot pie saga continues. I'm blaming the tea towel for the inspiration on this one, that and the last of the apples that were hanging from the bare tree. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. I'll be cooking mostly......there's a shock πŸ™ˆx

That basket bread baked up beautifully! So much so that I was almost tempted to keep it just for kitchen ornamental purposes!! Again, full credit goes to Eva @bakestreet. All I did was recreate her beautiful creation. Thanks again Eva for sharing your passion and ideas. ❀
On other notes, I've had a busy week, from book signings to Grandad Lloyd being rushed to hospital...it's been eventful. The book event was just lovely. It's always great to meet you in person. Lloyd, well it's been a trauma for him, I'm going to see him later armed with something sweet! He's charmed the nurses already and is happy to be in constant company on the ward, they all love him. In all my years I have never seen this true gent without a smile on his face. He never moans - ever, even after his traumatic and painful experience this week he is still smiling and grateful for everyone and everything around him. He's very inspiring, if only we could all be a little bit like Grandad Lloyd. I'll send him all your love (I tell him about Instagram) the whole thing fascinates him. He loves the fact that he usually gets to eat what you see too πŸ˜‚. Bless him. An amazing person. .
Have a great Thursday and thanks to all who continue to support me and the book, it's just so lovely ❀❀

Basket Bread. My recreation of a wonderful and truly inspiring post by the amazing @bakestreet
It's been ages since I saw a post and thought 'I need to makes this' but as soon as I saw Eva's bread I had that very urge. It's just so unique and special, like all of her work - but this one, I was just wowed. I watched her tutorial and found it really easy to follow. Do give it a go too - not forgetting to give her a mention if you post a pic. She rightly deserves all of the credit for this creation. Just wonderfully creative. Well done Eva and thank you for sharing your recipe and video for us all to try. If you don't follow her feed already, you really should. One of my favourites for sure. I love how it's so different, so full of passion and creativity. Ok you got it....I'm a fan....now go follow her tooπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Apple and Cinnamon Cake.
Pre-bake. When you get given beautiful red fleshed apples they derserve to be on show. Aren't they gorgeous. I've just baked the cake and although the apple pieces in the middle sank into the batter as it cooked, the outter apple pieces stayed put and it looks pretty. But....it's all about the taste and I'll let you know about that later. 🍎🍏

Just giving my parquet pie another airing, definitely one of my faves bakes of the year. No baking today, just a roast dinner on the go and snuggles on the couch. Perfect Sunday. Hope you're all having a relaxing one too πŸ’™

I made some pasta as a swap for a sourdough starter and now can't wait to get started. First it needs fired up and and when ready to bake with, the sourdough baking mission will commence.....but first I need a dutch oven. Saturday treasure hunt of sorts now in full swing Can't wait to bake. What you all up to this weekend?? πŸ’›πŸ’™

Miffed Cookies.
I made these biscuits when I was a bit miffed, hence the red shades I guess, my mood is always reflected in what I do....no usual serene pastel shades here....something clearly had me all a bother! It's all water under the bridge now anyway, irrelevant nonsence in the grand scheme of bigger more important things! I wasn't sure wether to post them or not, not being my usual vibe, but after showing them to my good friend @echaloteandco she reminded me...."real life isn't all pastel serenity". Very true. So here are the biscuits. Now aptly titled Miffed Cookies. .
Have a great Friday β€πŸ–€

Triple chocolate layer cake
A fitting cake to post because it's National Chocolate Week here in the UK and this pretty much hits the chocolate brief. You can find the recipe for this and 11 other chocolate delights in the book. Link in profile.
More importantly I wanted to tell you about the visit I had with my Mum today. She was relaxed and content and was 'there' with me if only for a moment or two.
My Mum has been rambling for some time now, continual speech which we can't decipher. Her words get muddled up and her sentences are incoherent. I always answer her, sometimes making things up myself just so I can respond. She often laughs during our nonsensical conversations and at times she does catch me by surprise, as she did today. She stopped talking for a moment, looked me in the eye and holding my gaze she told me that she loved me. She said that I was beautiful and kind 😭 It's hard to comprehend how such moments can happen, a bolt of clarity amid the servere confusion - just like that. She was there for a moment or two, there with me inbetween those ramblings. I've always believed that sufferers of dementia know more than their mind allows them to share. To know that Mum can still feel others kindness and love is soothing, how ever, it's also moments like these that leave me gasping - holding my tears until it's time to leave. The moment my back is turned and I'm walking out of her room the tears are rolling down my cheeks. It's hell thinking of her laying alone in that room, locked within her mind - longing for the warmth of someone's love and company. Longing to feel a hand held in hers, searching for someones eyes to look in to. Bless her poor lonely soul. It's such a long, sad and torturous disease, it really is.
Please, if you are going through this with someone, talk to them, even if it makes no sense. Touch their hands and kiss them....they are listening and they are still feeling your love πŸ’” .
πŸ“· Photo credit - Lisa Linder

Caramel Apple Pie, in all of it's sticky sided caramel oozziness. That's Sunday dinner dessert sorted! To compliment the caramelised apples inside I'm going to make a caramel flavoured custard.....Oooooh yeah!
Quite tempted to completely skip the dinner bit and go straight for the pie! Who's with me? #f52fallbake

Playing with pastry.....I'll literally do anything to not have to watch football! This is the out come of football night in our house. Nothing beats a stint of night time baking in a peaceful kitchen with only a handful of new cds to keep me company. Bliss πŸ‘Œ @marthastewart #imsomartha

Chocolate ganache biscuits.
I made these along with some decorative iced biscuits last night (see those on my story). I can always see my mood reflected in whatever it was I have made. The iced biscuits taking an unusual direction last night. I think I was feeling a little bit firey! I don't get like that too often now, getting older, having far more patience than I have ever had before (caring for Mum taught me that) and I'm wiser, well... I think so. Now when I get a bit miffed, instead of venting instantaneously, I just take a breath, think it through, have a glass of wine and Bake it off....Bake it off....Bake...Bake. (Bad use of a Taylor Swift song there.. Sorry) πŸ’ƒπŸ€£
Wishing you all a fire free Wednesday πŸ’‹ peace out ✌

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