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Julie M Eldeen |  🌱 Made new in Him 2 Cor 5:17 ♥️ lover of Jesus 🏃🏼‍♀️ all things health&wellness 👣 servant ✨ live a life wth sparkle 🏳️ silver ambassador

“Outside of the cross of Jesus Christ, there is no hope in the world. That cross & resurrection at the core of the Gospel is the only hope for humanity.” __

Absolute gorgeous day in downtown Reading with the fam sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ!

When I’m with you there’s always laughter, always joy, always encouragement, always love. i l o v e d walking around Nordstrom rack + target sniffing candles, in awe of all the things, being extra because 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️, & spending time with you...because you’re so special to me & I treasure you greatly. 💘

I love this season of life I’m currently in. Lots of uncertainties, confusion, frustration, struggles, deep pain...yet I feel closer to Jesus then ever before. He’s holding me tightly, saying that it’s about to get harder and more painful, but that He will be ever so close. What a beautiful love. Thank you, Abba, for giving me such a beautiful community of people who LOVE you + desire to do your will. I’m in awe of your deep care for me.

Any cafe that is minamalistic is my kind of place. Welcome to Lititz, Slate...Shelby & I are basically in love with you. See ya next week. 🙈

Continually blessed by this place, this community + my beautiful Jesus! #alltheglory

On days that feel like future motherhood I’m so thankful for my beloved pink drink.
I LOVED being on top of my nannying game all day today! It feels amazing to feel amazing! ALSO! While rocking this little one to sleep I usually take a little nap myself😉 but instead I chose to read a book for 30 minutes. Usually I would have been sound asleep!!!

I get it...Why should you give Plexus any thought when there are a billion other supplements on the market that promise to get you healthy? We all have tried many things. Why should Plexus do something different, something that other products don't?

Here's what sets us apart: ✔ NO artficial ingredients. No artificial sweetners, chemicals, or dyes. Our products are plant based and Non-GMO. Many of them are also vegan and vegetarian. (Do you have any idea how terrible Sucralose and other artificial ingredients are for your body?) ✔ We don't put a band-aid on things. We get to the root issue. You're tired for a reason. Pumping you with stimulants is not going to fix that long term. ✔ The non-jittery energy that comes from our products is your body naturally regulating itself and correcting system imbalances and lasts ALL DAY. (This is how we're supposed to feel on a daily basis. Your body doesn't want more energy drinks. It wants balance). ✔ Our products are about SO much more than weight loss! (What other products do you know of that can also help with anxious feelings, hormonal imbalances, pain, headaches, blood sugar issues, a myriad of digestive issues, skin issues and more?) ✔ NO DIETS and no meal replacements. (Stop drinking your meals!! We are made to eat REAL food.) ✔ We are backed by Morgan Stanley. The investment company who also backs Google and Facebook. ✔ Plexus Worldwide is DEBT FREE. ✔ We only have a 1% return rate on our products and that's with our 60 day money back guarantee for customers. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say no other company that claims to have your best health at heart can claim the same list. We're the real deal and we have the facts to prove it.
It truly is different from anything else out there and I've tried a lot. 🙂
#lifechanging #somuchmorethanweightloss #gamechanger

Favorite sister | Biggest cheerleader | Greatest confidant | Most supportive friend | Wise counselor | Best sleeping buddy

This woman is inspiring!! Here’s a little part of her story: “Many people think financial freedom is buying a beach house, a Yacht, or a new car.
That's NOT IT! ⛴🛫️🏡🚗 Financial Freedom is...
❤️Taking your family out to eat and everyone being able to get their OWN plate! (Family of 7!!!) 🥤🍔
❤️Buying a new couch TONIGHT - after having used Tor’s grandmother’s couch for many years! (Springs were shot and we were literally sitting on plywood!)🙈🛋
❤️Music lessons for the kiddos - and not having to be embarrassed to ask their teacher to hold the check for awhile.🎼🎻
❤️Buying groceries without having to coupon every last penny, anytime of the week!🍎🍍
❤️Paying all of the bills the day they're due OR even before, without any financial stress.📬
❤️Paying more than the minimum payment on debt to get it knocked out. 💵 Our goal = debt free! 🙌🏻
❤️Not having to think twice about spending $100+ on an emergency situation.🏨
❤️Saying "yes" to a friend gathering that requires you to bring a gift and a food dish. 🎁
❤️Getting gas in your vehicle without having to check the account first.🚘
❤️Supporting ministries and missionaries that are dear to our hearts.
❤️Buying quality name brand tennis shoes for the children who are playing basketball.🏀 That's freedom.
One year.
We are thankful.
....and it’s only the beginning.
The renewed health and healing that the Lord has brought to my body from these amazing supplements have been the MOST amazing blessing - and this gift of a “side hustle” has been icing in the cake.

God is faithful and so good. 💗”

Will you even see this post? #thealgorithmmustdie | Be part of something new at @jointruuly

It’s hard to explain that Plexus is not actually a weight loss company but rather a health changing company...but it is. ❤️ Lindsey...I'm so glad you quit!!! “Dear Plexus—
Because of you I quit.
I quit 12 prescriptions for Lupus & Fibromyalgia.
I quit spending 1 day a week at the doctor.
I quit looking into the side effects of the infusions being pushed on me.
I quit having an upset stomach after I ate.
I quit dealing with depression.
I quit driving to Knoxville every 2 weeks for a specialist.
I quit feeling like a slave to my fatigue.
I quit crying into my pillow during bouts of insomnia .
I quit suffering with anxiety attacks.
I quit spending hours searching google for answers to my health problems.
I quit having chronic, debilitating pain.
I quit worrying about EVERYTHING.
I quit being so serious and now enjoy having fun.
I quit having a dull complexion.
I quit being isolated and now have many new friendships.
I quit being addicted to sugar.
I quit feeling hopeless.
I quit caring what you would think of me for sharing the supplements that SAVED my life! 🙌🏻
I quit and I am not going back to any of it.... so, thank you ❤️”

• *Plexus Worldwide does not claim to cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease. Results vary from person to person.

Love this woman. ♥️

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