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Julia Elizabeth  Animal lover, world traveler, swimmer, Girl Scout, puppy raiser & intern at the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, bio nerd & Georgia Bulldog!🐾

5 days until I'm reunited with my chunky monkey❤️ I can't wait to raise you, Troops!! @trooperthefutureguidedog

Senior year, I'm ready for ya!

385 days. 385 days of waking up to slobbery kisses across my face, of fun outings and accomplishments, of tail chasing and tail wagging, of ups and downs, of unconditional love.

Thank you to everyone who loved and supported Colby and I during his time with me. Today's the day he goes off onto the next phase of training at "guide dog college." This boy has impressed me in how far he's come and how much he has learned and matured since the day that I picked him up as a squishy little puppy. It's hard to part ways, but he's going off to do what he is born to do, and he's told me in a million ways that it is also what he loves to do. We will all get to watch and celebrate together as he reaches more milestones and changes someone else's life..he's already changed mine.

They say labs love water, and I love seeing how happy this lab is in the water. It was the perfect final night together❤️

My entire feed this summer has been filled with these future superheroes so what's one more🤷🏼‍♀️

The most confident 2.5 week old you ever did see! #HesATrooper

Today I got to do my first blindfold walks with the guide dogs I've been shadowing throughout their training this summer. I had to quickly learn to put trust in this dog, and the rest of my senses were heightened like I couldn't believe. It was definitely a great experience getting to see what our clients experience with their dogs! Before I knew it I was following his movements and he took me right to Panera for lunch ☺️
This video shows me walking with a yellow lab after a street crossing, and my first puppy advisor, Cristina, is with us! It was so cool to come full circle from her teaching me how to puppy raise, to how to work with a guide dog!! Thanks to Anna and Cameron as well for capturing this moment and teaching me all of the footwork, cues, and goals of Guide work over the past weeks, and Jackie too, of course!! It's been an incredible ride and such a rewarding experience❤️

2 weeks left with my love❤️

Beautiful working boy on a warm summer day!

As of today, I am not only an aunt to this beautiful boy, but I also became his Godmother. I am so proud to play this role in your life and to be by your side during your baptism. God Bless Logan Joseph❤️

Welcome to the world, little one💙

Today I learned how to run the puppy testing that we do at the Guide Dog Foundation when puppies are eight weeks old! This is a temperament test that gives us an idea of how puppies respond and different situations and stimuli that we present to them. One of the things we do is see how the puppies respond to an adult dog, and Colby fit the bill! He had an awesome time and loved seeing a little puppies and working for kibble😂After watching just a few tests get performed, I was ready to do them myself and I can't wait until the next litter that I get to test :)
Photo shows an eight week old female yellow lab being held with an arm across her chest and her paws resting on the arm in front of her and looking at the camera.

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