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Don't you just love spring? 🌷🌱✖️🚬

Rainy day in the city with @katevincentt & @emma.siemering

Casually killing it🎤 @mayaisonline @aloe1331 @spamhershman

A tour that really lives up to its name

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!¡ omg I can't believe we only met in sixth grade. We were trying to avoid gym class when we met and we still are now
You are so funny and amazing and my life would be so different without you💗 I love our little inside jokes and I love this pic form when we were trying to take "aesthetic Tumblr" photos at the beach and make them look artsy🌊 if it weren't for you I wouldn't even watch Dan and Phil, I wouldn't have someone to listen to me rant about stupid stuff, I wouldn't have someone to give me amazing advice, and I wouldn't know anyone who loves the same music as I do🎶 Happy b-day Kate, I hope it's a great one 💕

It's only been a day but I already miss all of you so much

l̫i̫f̫e̫ i̫s̫ b̫e̫t̫t̫e̫r̫ a̫t̫ t̫h̫e̫ b̫e̫a̫c̫h̫

The cat wiskers come from within 🐱

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