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Julia Perez  Digital @core💧 Certified Holistic Nutritionist🍃


It's not always pretty 💥💥💥(especially those double jumps) but it's always worth it. @equinox #takethesummeron #entry

Rocking @shopnokaoi pants 🔪

After 7 years of a pescatarian lifestyle and on and off stints of veganism, I decided to eat meat again for athletic performance that is in line with a more balanced daily macro intake. After years of struggling with a very strange relationship with food, I can finally say I feel in line with my body. In the end, you gotta do what's right for you. 🔪Whenever people would ask me why I don't eat meat, but still wear fur or leather, my answer was that "it's a luxury item vs a commodity" that said, I don't plan to eat meat freely, but only when I know where it comes from and there's a purpose to why I'm eating it (meal prep, protein intake, etc). There is a big difference between ordering a cheeseburger at a drive through and a mindful purchase for your body and lifestyle. If you're gonna eat meat, make sure it's GUCCI... aka grass fed, sustainable, and highly overpriced for good measure. 💪🔪

i don't wanna buy your love I wanna build it 💥

I charge it to the game, and baby you can keep the change but I got to hold on to my receipts. 💰

watch them sink to the bottom ❤️

In my head I do everything right.

Listening to @chronixxmusic 😀🍹

I talk grey I don't keep it white and black.

Now that I'm popular I'm still gonna be the old me. ✨✨✨HbD @elkanicolebunton

I said "don't embarrass me" instead of "be mine." That was my proposal for us to go steady.

I'm on the way, I know connection is vague. Pick up the phone for me babe.

But never cry for the same reason twice. @danaafrid

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