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Julian  Street portrait photographer Paris A picture is a secret about a secret A story about a story Step by step, I take crumbs of Life.


"Man to sew"
by julian for julian

Abiut Cathy
Dance with me my little Work, all around my wall, and perfume my flat...
Picture about cathy met under a subway of Kreuzberg in Berlin , for the story......in 2015
© julian

New York
The coffee seller in her truck ..
(And the smile of New York girls)
July 2015
© julian
(if someone in NYC see this lady.. please show her the picture !! she works with her boyfriend in a lovely small truck)

3 years ago I photographed a friend thinking of nothing.
And finally today I want to use this picture to talk about what I can not stand.
It's about ignorance.
Of the egoism of a certain human behavior to close oneself in the fear of the other.
Build walls.
To colonize a territory.
Not to recognize his neighbor or his religion.
Build refugee camps by injecting millions not to see them here.
But some people in their actions at American airports let me think that man can be benevolent, with humanity and good-hearted
I wanted to show it to you again because today this picture makes sense.
© julian

the apartment on the 1st floor, Brooklyn
July 2015
© julian

German Beauty
Berlin © julian

French Cowboy
© julian

About this girl
Paris © julian

New YellowFixie Single speed
New Friend at Home !

About Marion
Wrangelstrasse .Berlin
july 2016 © julian

" Love is Telepathic "
© julian
New York, July 2015

About Marion
© julian
July 2016
One of my favourite Portrait
A old truck... an amazing lady.. a subway on the background
Berlin is the little sister of NYC