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Julian  Street portrait photographer Paris A picture is a secret about a secret A story about a story Step by step, I take crumbs of Life.


"Owls and red Wine"
Somewhere in Paris
© julian

My bike at work...
Finally nothing amazing today..
Need to travel... Need to capture Life
kisses my followers

Somewhere in the Parisian suburbs
Four years ago, an old Porsche 356 car, a garage, a lovely Lady, a wink to the fashion photographer that I will never be, history of rubbing technical difficulties but without financial means.
But sure, I prefer the street as playground
I just need to walk endlessly and wait for what she offers me
© julian

5 years ago... julian !
What's the matter between young and old?
I think I am exactly at this moment ...
wish for the best....

Berliner Beauty
Portrait de mon amie "Jing Ling "
july 2016
Somewhere in the Subway
© julian

New York, Bedford St, July 2015
Somewhere waiting nothing © julian

6 months to find this Fuck*** good Book ! coffee with cigarettes.. no work today... a sweet moment for me...
Mark Cohen.. 'Dark Knees'
a model for me
a famous street photographer

Berlin lady
July 2016 © julian

I look forward to working with my sweet Muse again ...
Angelique , NYC .
Two years ago
© julian

Bus 16423
July 2015
© julian

"Man to sew"
by julian for julian

Abiut Cathy
Dance with me my little Work, all around my wall, and perfume my flat...
Picture about cathy met under a subway of Kreuzberg in Berlin , for the story......in 2015
© julian

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