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Julian O'Brien  Dad, husband, editor at www.illawarramercury.com.au and former editor at www.theadvocate.com.au.

How we feel when the warm weather comes back to the #illawarra Have been longing for this day all winter! #family #fun #love

Last week this joint witnessed one of the greatest games in @nbl history between @illawarrahawks79 and @melbunited Tonight? Dinner with 660 of my closest friends celebrating excellence in Illawarra business. @illawarrabusinesschamber #IBCinParis

Reppin it. Or whatever the kids say. @illawarrahawks79 @nbl #nbl19

Team AJ is locked and loaded. @illawarrahawks79 @nbl #nbl19

 This region with a steel heart deserves a team which fights for every inch. THIS is that team. The @illawarrahawks79 and @illawarramerc a partnership forged over 40 years. Tonight the dogs are off the leash. Welcome to the real jungle @melbunited #nbl19

Nothing still quite like the printed page @illawarramerc @illawarrahawks79 @nbl #nbl19

You can have your little liftouts. Tomorrow it's 8 pages of @illawarrahawks79 @nbl wrapping the entire @illawarramerc Massive thanks to Mitch Jennings for pulling it together. Great feature on @daveandersen13 Front image by @adam__mclean Mercury and Hawks, 40 years together #nbl19 thankfully the design hid the bbq sauce @emmettnaar spilled all over his white top during the shoot 🙄 @dan.grida

The brain washing begins ......

Proof that it’s just not the Magpies year. When you really need string and the piece of string you want is cemented into the ground.

My little Hawk accompanied me to the @illawarrahawks79 season @nbl launch tonight. So ready for Friday.

What better school holiday activity could there be right? Ella learning about Xs and Os with the @illawarrahawks79 #nbl19

Crowded beaches. #notsydney #illawarra

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