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Julianna Zobrist  Artist|Speaker|Author of Pull It Off (pre-order now!) Booking Inquiries: lisa@thefeddagency.com Management: Puraj.Puri@octagon.com

Anyone else feel like you’re kinda stuck somewhere between Jesus and 2pac? 🙋🏼‍♀️

My dad has this thing he says to me that he learned from his mother... “Take a wing!” That is my dad. Literally and figuratively he has offered his “wing” so that I could dance and laugh and not be inhibited by the traffic wizzing by through childhood, and even now. My dad taught me unconditional love. And by unconditional love, I don’t just mean that I knew he would always love me... I mean that I knew, quite literally, his love had no conditions attached to it. It wasn’t transactional. It wasn’t you give me This = I give you That. It wasn’t Obedience=Approval. It wasn’t Ease=Praise. It wasn’t Make Me Proud=Affirmation. It was a come-as-you-are, no-strings-attached, open-arms, take-a-wing type of love. Happy Fathers Day, to the man that made me the woman I am. The father that changed the perspective by which I mother. Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads offering their wing of unconditional love. Never underestimate who you are and the tidal wave of confidence you can offer your children. XOXOJules

Love your Lover, it’s the weekend!! 💋

This is the “I don’t care that everyone else is building a sandcastle, I’ve reached my limit” lounge. Yes girlfriend, they may be building something, but maybe you just need a breather in the shade, out of the sand and water for a little while. I salute this decision. Shine on, Color Kid, in all of your chill mastery and relaxation and side line cheerleader bravado. ✨ We all have capacity - it takes the most confident of us to admit it.

Just a friendly reminder from me to you this evening: our journey is not one of perfection, but redemption. This is our story. You are intended. You are loved. You are worthwhile. You are redemptive. Repeat. 💜XOXOJules

Why would two groups of women comprised of an actress, lawyer, military, chemical engineer, political scientist, musician, business owner, fashion designer, model, dancer, Olympic wrestler, nurse, and a whole tribe of mothers come together to play in a softball game, having no prior experience (with the exception of a few)? Definitely not to try and get noticed by scouts.
We wore pin stripes and laughed and tried our hardest for this reason: to raise funds for Reviving Baseball in Inner-cities and offer opportunities for girls to play softball who otherwise would not have the means to.
Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you come from, never lose sight of the impact we can make TOGETHER. We are meant for each other. XOXOJules

Apologies are intended to seek forgiveness for hurting another. Apologies are not intended to seek forgiveness for being ones self. Shine on, Color Kids. XOXOJules

Jules, no. No, McDonalds is not ever a good idea. Not even after a night of dancing with friends and your daughter and she yells “let’s get fries!!” And you think, “yeah! Yeah I can do fries. Sure. Just this once.” I know you think there will never be another fry that matches the goodness of hot McDs super sized fries. But still, no. Don’t try and fit in. Just be ok fitting out with your fruit cup. You’ll thank me later. Love, IBS.

If you’re unsure, stop thinking that’s a bad or a weak thing. Being unsure keeps you curious. Curiosity keeps you asking. Asking leads to understanding. Understanding to empathy. Empathy to Love. XOXOJules

You are never ruined, never too far gone. As long as you’re still breathing you can carry on. Hold on to God’s promise, let hope become your song. The night is almost over. Keep watching for the dawn. 🖤 Sharing my song lyrics “The Dawn” with you this morning from a heavy heart. There IS always hope. This is a promise of God. There WILL be a morning again even in the midst of pitch black. This is a promise of God. You ARE loved. This is a promise of God. [ Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 ]

Women who celebrate other women are empowering. Women who are not threatened by other women’s success are empowering. Women who don’t have time to obsess over what they’re not doing because they’re too busy ROCKIN it with what they ARE doing, are empowering. Thank you for the way that you spread the love, #armyoflovers. Let’s keep our big girl panties on and continue to champion one another. (btw. I met @christinakarin today and SHE is an empowered woman, empowering others. I love you XoxoJules

Since this has been asked of me a number of times I thought I would just post my answer for greater clarification! XOXOJules ✨✨✨
What is beautiful about authentic self expression is its sincerity. Anyone who chooses to express themselves creatively (through art, music, the way you dress yourself, and even bleaching your hair) has an opportunity for that creativity to come from a place of true honesty and sincerity. What is so difficult for many creatives (including myself) is the overwhelming amount of input from the World that can so easily threaten our courage to put forth our authentic creativity. This is why I am encouraging us all to not be afraid of a little solitude once in a while... To get away from the pressure of wanting to “fit in” and to resist creating only for the easily obtained applause that comes from doing what others have pre-approved of.
I hope this helps clarify! Happy creating!

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