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Another day heading into the Beautiful LCC! Remaining excited about the little things is often hard to maintain - but it’s hard to complain when life’s so damn good! #simplelife
@sav.cummins #shotonpixel

So much for resting for my weekend in St George... 🍞🤸🏻‍♀️😝 @the12banch
#hiphopclimbs #ondabeat #ftrathlete @fronttrainingroom

The wilderness reveals my proportional insignificance; all that exists is unbearably grand and I am simply a coincidence of chemistry, and matter composed in the stars. Why does my insignificance free my soul? 🌞✨
Soaking up the Wasatch with @nataliewall

Embracing the darkness 🌑🌘🌗 #daylightsavings #setyaclocks🙈

Every day brings a new bliss inspired by the season. It sprouts a desire to hold on to it — I want a blanket of yellow to remain under my feet. But the root of my bliss is the change itself; the notion that this moment will be gone tomorrow. How lucky to live it right now 🌊⏳
This moment #shotonpixel by the one and only @sav.cummins

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to pull out the classic Jules try-hard-face, and bear down on some more classic local lines. How did I get so lucky? 📷 @jonvickersmedia #surroundedbyrock #sickgrips

Feelin free as a bird 🦅
Hawk hoops by @kjohnstonjewelry

Vibing to October’s yellow-orange magic with my two latest playlists #linkinbio

Losing my mind on the sending potential happening LCC right now. That small window is open people!! Gone are the days we had to wait until the middle of the night. What are you projecting?!
PC: @jonathonchandler #ftrathlete

Hiked to to tippy-top of Antelope Island! I have a thing for gaining new perspectives on spaces I occupy regularly.

Looking to the west, we saw some of Nevada’s tallest peaks. To the east, the Wasatch snaking N-S, dwarfing Salt Lake's city skyline. The rocks on the island are some of the oldest in the US; formed in the Archean Eon 2,500 million (2.5 billion) years ago. Wow!

I’m perplexed by the natural past of this place. If you’ve got more geology knowledge about the local area comment below! Brownie points if you can name the peak⛰🤗
PC: @louisarevalo

It's the little things!
Rising mist, canyon's first snow.
These little moments!
📷 @nataliewall #haiku

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