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Juliana de Oliveira  Dreaming | Believing | Never Giving Up --- 💕✌🏼Live the life you love.

I may have conquered the rings yesterday... But these rings👆🏼... Ugh! One day I’ll get all the way across and ring that bell!

Third time’s a charm.✨
Finally mastered these rings!
>>swipe if you care enough to see my progress! :P
🎥: Thanks @streetb3ast and @coachjayflores for the videos and coaching me through it!

2017 @spartanrace #Trifecta ✔️
3 races • 25+ miles • 75+ obstacles. ❤️💙💚

Today I tackle the #BEAST ! 13 miles + 35 obstacles. // Three years ago I competed in my first ever @spartanrace . Two #sprints and two #supers later, I’m finally earning that #trifecta. Let’s do this!

✈️ #throwback to such an amazing experience! // @xavie_24 Thanks for being up for anything {like #skydiving on a random Thursday morning} and perfecting my video with a million edits! Can’t wait for our next adventure! #liveitlist

...to try • fail • try again • succeed • be challenged • share her heart • love • grow • live life to the fullest • face anything the future holds. // Proverbs 31:25 🖤

GOAL: To be more obsessed with the discipline than the result.🖤

All about #balance + #back to finish up the year! I WILL get five consecutive single leg toe touches on the bar on each side {left leg clearly needs some work!} and do a pull-up from a dead hang by the time the clock strikes midnight for the New Year!🙌🏼 // Thanks @streetb3ast for my new toy!

As the holidays roll around, I interrupt your scrolling for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! A dog, {or cat, or bird, or horse, or goat, or any pet} is NOT a Christmas gift, or a birthday gift, or a "Aw how cute! Let me get a puppy" gift to myself. It's a LIFETIME commitment... A lifetime through the good, the bad, the hard times, and everything in between - which could turn out to be 15+ years.
Trust me when I tell you I know how much easier it would be to get rid of your pet... Or let me use words that make you feel better, "find them a better home". With three {LARGE} dogs who are all considered "bully breeds" I've had my share of hard times. Through all the moving I have been turned down countless times looking for places to live... I've had to pay rent {and now a mortgage} that's wayyy more expensive than just lil' old me living alone would like to pay because I need a large enough yard which equals a bigger house...I've had to pay plenty of vet bills because Mosley has a skin condition and Grace has arthritis and are both on lifelong medication. Oh and did I mention Izzy's FOUR surgeries in SIX MONTHS! I've had to reschedule me entire life around them because they do need to eat and use the bathroom, even when it isn't very convenient for me, including all my traveling... TRUST ME life would be much EASIER without them!
So when you decide to go find yourself, or your kids, a puppy... Remember that puppy isn't always going to be so cute and cuddly and SMALL. That puppy is going to cost you a lot of time and money, and have unexpected emergencies. That puppy is going to pee and poop in your house and destroy things you care about. That puppy is going to require you to make sacrifices regarding where you live or your travel or the type of lifestyle you want to live. Every time I took one of my dogs in, I accepted RESPONSIBILITY for them for LIFE... Not just during the time it was convenient for me. So if you can't make that type of commitment - don't get a dog, or any pet... because more than likely it's going to end up being put down in a shelter somewhere, while you tell yourself they'll find a better home. That’s all. Carry on. 🐾❣️

Happiness isn’t chased. It’s merely chosen.✨ // #throwback to when my morning runs consisted of beautiful views. #Grenada

First time #bouldering !! // V1’s + 2’s ✔️✔️ Who knew coming back down would be the scariest part.. it’s a much bigger fall than I expected!

#Repost @flashlight3photography ・・・
Nothing is too far out of your reach. God gave you a body and with that body you’re meant to do the impossible💯 #reachforit #youcandoit #humpday #ninjawarrior #photography #ninjalounge

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