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Today my new Turkish friend whomst I communicate with solely through google translate as he doesn't speak a word of English took me to this small kebab stand that we literally waited over 2 hours in line for and holy shit it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth besides our lord and savior Jesus Christ when I take communion. Idk wtf was in this but I want to eat 500 more

been in this country for 10 hours and I've already cried twice

squirt squirt💦💦💦

Not gonna lie, until coming to Iceland I did not know puffins actually existed, just thought they were fictional creatures made for the movie Elf//but I *can confirm* they are real and are worth climbing cliffs and crawling army style to the edge to snap pics of them.

what if God was one of us

body goals: squidward after eating too many krabby patties

dat me/bein smol

I know of a place where u never get harmed
A magical place, with magical charm
Outdoors, Outdoooorrrrsss

Do(nt) go chasing waterfalls

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