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At my Happy Place.🀩 Some beads on my mat, a good playlist or podcast, and the endless possibilities of letting go and creating--that's all I need to get into that happy place
What's yiur happiness practice? Where do you go to recharge and gear up for the week ahead?

#tbt to a time of fun and discovery and abandon. Which was just last Thursday actually πŸ˜‚
Vacation time seems to live in a place of its own, a parallel universe that runs by its own erratic clock and brings up new discoveries (both external and internal) in every take step we take and every corner we round.
Vacations in unfamiliar places remind us that we don't know all. And that whatever we consider our routine and our reality? It's only a theater on a stage we've set up. We can change the script. We can change the scenery. We can change the way we respond to the plays of others.
It's our actions that make our world. It's our responses to events that make our reality.
And a little bit of silliness goes a long way in brightening up the day. Not just for you but everyone around you. So go out there and turn upnthe silly. We all need it!
πŸ“Έ @oscarfidel_bcn_

So proud of this little piggy and SO thankful to @artsviral for sharing it on their page πŸ’œ The "Immortal" has officially begun its journey! 😍
Funny story: the piggy got nearly destroyed (accidentally) a few times (by the bf πŸ™„) but persevered through all the falls and mishaps. Hence Immortal and quite rightly so πŸ˜†

Today I did something I never did as a child: wash & comb my little ponie's hair & tails πŸ¦„ πŸ˜‚ It's not that I couldn't have my little ponies as a child, but story goes that when I was given my first doll, I immediately decapitated it and threw its parts against the wall. I don't remember the event, but the story always rang true to my angry and defiant teenage "brand." 🀨 Plus, I never cared for dolls afterwards either and wouldn't be caught DEAD with anything "girly." But today I can proudly say that thanks to art, I've crossed a big "chasm": going from letting objects & expectations define me to defining what my experience with each object & situation means to me. 🀩 We make our own lives and experiences, we decide the value of a things, people, & situations (including ourselves), and we can decide to hold ourselves back so we can conform to expectations or take charge and defy the "rules." Who knew playing with my little ponies would have been such a life-changing experience! πŸ€―πŸ™ƒ What has art (or experience) taught you lately? What barriers & expectations have you overcome to get to where you are? Tell me in the comments! I love reading about life-changing realizations 😍

People used to believe that the earth was flat, that you could fall off its edge, that the sun rises from and sets back down into the ocean hemming in our little mud disk. These were no "light" beliefs but such powerful constructs about what the world is and how it operates that we still use "sunrise" & "sunset" centuries after knowing that the sun indeed does no such things. There's much we know about this world and much more we don't know. There's also much we intuit and have been taught to ignore. Don't let anyone tell you what the world is or how you should be and act within it. Trust yourself and use your imagination to paint the world you want to live in.

One bead at a time. One word at a time, one step at a time, one small action at a time. That's the only way to get from here to there, from dreaming to accomplishing. As much as we want to have results now, the process is necessary and the process is what we must learn to love more than the outcome. "You have no right to the fruits of work," as the Bhagavad Gita says. No one can predict or guarantee the outcome of your work. So make sure you love the work itself, that doing the work provides all the joy & fulfillment you seek. It's the small actions we do every day that lead us to happiness (or keep us away from it) not the "big" results we envision as a future state. What makes you happy every day? For me, it's beading. What's your little daily joy?

Dat vacation feeling 😊😘

#tbt to this fun fiesta cuff that got swooped up by a lovely customer practically the same day πŸ€—πŸ˜

Taking yourself seriously is the fastest way to block your path to your dreams. Being silly, letting go, and having fun, on the contrary, is one of the best ways to recharge your life and reset your creativity. Process & a good schedule are crucial for execution. πŸš€ But if all you're executing on is the "common" ideas of the trotten path, you'll never truly create something new, reach beyond the ordinary, and discover your own awesomeness. πŸ’₯ Let go & do something silly today. πŸ€ͺ What's one thing that made you laugh out loud at your self today?

The Mandala Spoon! For some meditative soup stirring πŸ€”πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ˜

Look at that tail sticking out like a sore thumb you guys! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what should I do with it? Any ideas? πŸ€”πŸ’­

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