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Julia Mancuso  Skiing is my passion Loving is my life Nature is my inspiration Olympic Champion #funolympics @puregoldenwellness julia@puregoldenwellness.com

πŸ–€ This Guy.
@dylandafish He puts up with a lot. Even when I make him wear matching jackets:)
@spyderactive pc. @thepoby .

#ski #mountains #adventure #funolympics #getoutside #teamsuperjules

No more limping :) Hip 2.0 is learning fast!!! πŸ“· @laurenross .
#beach #ocean #sun #summer #sea #rehab #makeyourbodyyourmachine #physio #movementculture #bikini #sand #beachbabe #beachlife

The Ocean is my other true love.
It always gives me a huge smile!
I finally got to jump in:) Maybe I will be able to paddle a board soonβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

#funolympics #getoutside #smile #surf #gopro #gpathlete

You can't change the PAST. What you can do is build your strength and courage one step at a time. I wish I felt this good after my surgery two years ago! I know most people said I would, but it's pretty amazing to experience it now. I was always a positive person, and you wouldn't find me in a bad mood very often, but deep down there was a lingering sadness. I would cry myself to sleep often, and not get out of bed till the afternoon. I wanted to hike and play with my friends, and go on adventures. Sometimes we don't have a choice in our situation or how our body feels, but we do have a choice to be COURAGEOUS, to be positive and to take that first step towards change. Whatever situation you are in, just know, with a positive mindset things will get better. You can change your life, and your habits and be the best you can be in that moment, the PRESENT❀️ πŸ“· @laurenross

Your the 🍍 to my πŸ‰ :) not too much has changed in a year and a half! Just that I can't go in the water:) and you have a nice haircut! @dylandafish #throwbackphoto ❀️❀️❀️

Happy Mother's Day! β˜€οΈ lucky to have such an adventurous, wise women as mother. I love you! @andreawebber ❀️

F I R S T A D V E N T U R E it felt so good to get outside and move! wow. my mood is better, my attitude is positive and I'm ready to do it again! movement is so important to our health, sometimes it feels daunting to make time and motivate, that why I love the saying #justdoit #firsthike #newhip #funolympics #adventure #nature #motivation #palmsprings #teamsuperjules

πŸ˜‚ this is so funny. How's my oxygen only in one nostril! Not much else going on! πŸ˜‚ #icantfeelmylegswhenimwithyou #happyfriday

🀫 (don't tell anyone I was a bad patient).... and a few @kttape tips! I love this simple application for my quad and hamstring. And I love sounding like a chipmunk 😜 just to keep it entertaining! Ha! Comment below if you need any tips on how to apply your tape!

Vacation:) I can't go in the water, but on the plus side my legs appear to be the same length!

How was your spring? I wanna know your best costumes:) πŸΌβ €
.β €
.β €
.β € #squawalpine #ski #mountains #adventure #funolympics #getoutside #teamsuperjules #bestinsnow #juliasbestinsnow #springskiing β˜€οΈ

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