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Julia Kramer  Deputy Editor, @bonappetitmag. I like bagels.

Ho Foods weather.

If you’ve ever asked me about @sailingfanblues’s work, I guarantee I’ve done a bad job explaining it. But I can now say he’s a web explorer excavating the fossils of the internet. Show’s up now at @newmuseum, and check out the insane book!!! Congrats to the whole @rhizomedotorg crew 🎨💻🥳

Needed a snack.

I have so much love for this month’s issue, which is now live on behealthyish.com. I love the look on our art director @anti_christ_a’s face that @yungbludlau captured (swipe),I love all the ~words~ from all the amazing writers who contributed, I love nothing more than working every day with our @healthy_ish editor @amandashaps, and well tbh I love that the person on the cover of a magazine issue on wellness is not Gwyneth Paltrow ☺️

They say you can’t have it all and yet here I am making #thestew and the #feelgoodfoodplan whole-wheat flatbread for #cook90 (#meal14, I’m a little behind after yesterday’s, um, lapse). #livethebrand(s)

What’s Cook90?

Dreary morning with trout toast #cook90 #meal11

Cooking lots of things but really I would be very happy to just eat this for every meal. #cook90 #meal8

My #feelgoodfoodplan pics will never compete with @perrikramer’s but I’m a day ahead of her in the plan so at least I have that. @andybaraghani’s soba with tofu is I think my fave dish so far 😘. PS Yes I’m still doing #cook90 despite yesterday’s tragic lunch incident. #meal7

All seasons of the year are nice, for eating chicken soup with rice (and sweet potatoes). Or in #brand language: #feelgoodfoodplan #dinner2 & #cook90 #meal4

This lunch (which is of my own devising and not from the #cook90 book or #feelgoodfoodplan) is truly one of the worst things I have ever eaten. I did a terrible job straining the lentils, so there was essentially lentil water in the bottom of this bowl. I thought that eating the salmon cold from last night would be totally fine, and i was wrong, and it was very fishy and honestly I hope I did not poison myself by eating it. The only saving grace was the extra batch of chile sauce from last night’s dish, and the scraps of @pkgourmet’s croissants that I found on the snack table 😞 #meal3

There’s a whole genre of the internet made up of elaborately arranged breakfast bowls and I have no idea how to do that but I really tried with the apple slices! #cook90 #meal2

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