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Bengtskär lighthouse is so beautiful and so remote from everything, but how to get there? I know two ways:

1. Boat cruises from Kasnäs. The price is 61 €. It includes lunch at Rosala island in Viking Centre and guided tour on Bengtskär. Duration 6-7 hours

2. Boat cruises from Hanko. Price is 62 €. It includes lunch on the boat and guided tour in Bengtskär. Duration 5,5 hours.

Hopefully it will be useful to you😊♥️. #honor10 #aimazingjourney @honor_europe @honorglobal

Hanko not only has nice beaches and restaurants, but also beautiful pine woods so close by the sea! Amazing 🙏🏼. Photo is taken in pro mode with #Honor10 ♥️. @ourfinland @honor_europe @honorglobal #aimazingjourney

Minimal and beautiful. Sometimes it’s good to make simple shots like this one 👌🏼. Photos is taken with #honor10 on AIcamera. @honor_europe @honorglobal #aimazingjourney

It’s this time of the year when you can start to pick berries, I just wish more rain that the mushroom season starts as well ☺️. Photo is taken with #honor10 in pro mode. #aimazingjourney @honorglobal @honorfinland @honor_europe @ourfinland

Here it starts, today is the beginning of our #aimazingjourney ! For the next 2 weeks I’m going to post only pictures taken by Honor 10, let’s see how I accomplish this mission😎. In collaboration with @honorglobal and @ourfinland #honor10

There is always a bit mysterious atmosphere on the swamps, beautiful views and great smell. Photo is taken in the morning when we chased sunrise in Lahemaa National Park. Thanks so much @angleterretallinn for the fantastic weekend and showing us great places of Estonia ♥️.

Exploring Estonia! Thanks to @angleterretallinn for our stay in their comfortable apartments in Tallinn and organizing tour for us with these awesome locations as this lighthouse 🙏🏼. Lighthouse is located on island Saarema, it’s very lovely place with cute villages and beautiful archipelago nature. You can get on island by jumping on boat from Virtsu, tickets cost only 3 € per person and 8 € for the car 😊

Lofoten classic 👌🏼😄. Guys, thanks so much for a nice respond on my last photo, so good to know that many of you are reading captions and enjoying photos😊. I’m now on an exciting adventure, can’t tell you yet what’s it about, but soon you’ll find out ☺️. Photo @elivosk.

Do you read captions or just look at the photos in Instagram?😊

How many days to stay in Lofoten and how much money you need to have with?
The longer you stay in Lofoten - the better 😄, it’s just so many places to hike and see! But let’s be realistic, I would say 5-7 days is good enough to see main places😊.
And about money. Everything is super expensive in Norway. Starting from food. I recommend to bring food with you if possible. We bought some in Finland and it helped us to be more economical in Norway. Eating in restaurants is also very expensive, even fast food as burgers can cost 20 €. Lets say you will need about 1000 - 1500 € for 5-7 days (2 persons) if you are going to stay in hotels/Airbnb, buying food from shops, eating in restaurants and paying for gas (I didn’t include here a rental car, that can be another 1400 €😬).
But hey, of course you can go on a low budget as well. Hitchhike cars, set your tent in a beautiful places and enjoy the life 😊. For this you’ll need something like 200 € (mostly for food)

Amazing that wildlife in Norway is so easy to find! We spotted this bird on our hike in the morning and she had babies with her, swipe to the next photo to see some cuties ☺️. Btw, any hint what is this bird? 😊 And thanks again to @hattvikalodge for our stay, that we had nice place to rest after so long midnight hikes 👌🏼

Long time I haven’t changed my profile picture, but here is the new one finally. Don’t loose me in Instagram 😊. Photo by @elivosk

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