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Julia Clarke  WRA//20

He didn't letter in dancing either:/

Happy birthday to my rock, my brotha, and my 🌏!! Thanks for staying by my side for 11 years!⭐️

Dazed and confused and Megan

we done win real good. #M/TIAB#rbp

They thought the Morgan Clark building was pretty but I thought they were prettier💖


So thankful for the most amazing 10 years Old Trail has given me, and of course for an incredible group of people. I wish you all the best, you guys are an unforgettable class💚 #grads🎓

What a botanical week🌿

Rolling into 2016❗️🚌🍾

We sleigh🎄🎅🏼

happy birthday to my best friend for 10 years!!! We are together seriously 24/7 and I can trust you with absolutely anything. We have so many unforgettable memories and I know we will be such good friends for the rest of our lives. From after school open door trips to 3 day sleepovers, we always have such a blast together, and can entertain each other with the smallest things. We are constantly laughing but we can always have discussions about anything and everything, and we can have like 2 hour conversations on the stupidest things. We have sooo many jokes together and I don't know what I would do without you. You're the taco to my cow, and I hope you've had an amazing birthday🌮🌮❤️

TATUM SHEA CARMICHAEL!!! Happy birthday!!! You're honestly one of the easiest people to talk to and I love how much closer we have gotten over this and last year. You make the stupidest jokes that you think are hilarious but that's okay, it just shows your SPUNK. Acting is so fun and I can't wait to star besides you it's really an honor😏 I feel like we have gotten so comfortable with eachother and I love that. We have known each other for SO long and I knew we were going to become such amazing friends ever since Mrs.Rich had to separate you Ellie and I in preschool for talking😂❤️❤️ I am always able to talk to you about things and I love being in the same advisory as you, and I know I'll always remember the fast-whippin-Korvne-kangaroos!!!!! Once we leave old trail even if we may not be going to the same high school, we will have so many unforgettable memories, and I know we will always keep in contact. I hope you have an AMAZING FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY!! I love you TATTERS!!!