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  San Diego | Snapchat: Juli.anneeee we only regret the chances we didn’t take 🙏🏼

I know I’m a handful but that’s why you got two hands 🤗
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I forgot yesterday was hump day.. I’m sorry, do you guys forgive me? 👼🏽

Do you guys like me more blonde (like my most recent pics^) or should I go back to darker roots? 😈

The hike down to this beautiful waterfall was sooooo dangerous & slippery. I was wearing flip flops (wasn’t expecting to hike) & half way down I fell & legit almost died.. my left tit fell out of my bikini.. man.. even near death my inner slut wanna come out and play 🐱😈

Sun bright af

Nothing like beer & the game on a Sunday, am I right? 👼🏽

Note to self: this pose looks like you’re smelling your armpits. Never do it again..

Oh hey guys, I was down again but I’m back..

Body shots? 😈

“Take your time we have about 15 mins before the sun goes completely down” - @aaronriveroll “okay...” *takes 10 mins to eat tacos & leaves 5 mins to shoot.. priorities! 😅

Comment your favorite football team ⬇️ for future content purposes ;) @winviewsports

Been a few months, did you guys miss me? 😏

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