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Julie  This is where you can follow my patchwork and quilting journey. My love of fabric new or old.

Xmas dress all but the hem done for @alicedaisyanne . Now to start on some more for her summer work wardrobe. The dress will fit her much better than it fits my mannequin. As much as I absolutely love patchwork and quilting, I have missed dressmaking. My full time job for many many years was in the clothing industry. King Gee factory and then designer label ladies and children’s clothing. #sewing #dressmaking #newwardrobe #summerwardrobe #xmasdress

I spent the morning, well most of the day at work. I quilted a customer quilt first and chatted with the ladies of social sew day for way too long. I’ll be back tomorrow to finish up the last customer quilt I’ll be doing until February. Taking the school holidays off for my own sewing. Today’s customer quilt was a pretty pink baby quilt. The backing was pink and purple. Perfect match to the front. I chose ‘hearts’ pantograph and used a white thread. #longarm #longarmquilting #gammill #gammillquilting #pantograph #pantographquilting #quilting #quilt #customerquilt #patchwork #patchworkquilt #charmsquares #charmsquarequilt

Happy mail was collected from the post office just before the doors shut. Yippie! Yay! and Woohoo! My #sncaswap2018 gift arrived from @noladugan . Thank you Nola, it is just beautiful. Red spots, yellow, pompoms and chocolate. Thank you for including the cushion insert. Couldn’t have made me any happier. My gift was sent to my partner this morning. If you live south of me and haven’t received yours yet, it just might be for you. Thanks to @barefootcrafter @charmaboutyou @myteaandbrie who host #saturdaynightcraftalong each week for all you do in organising this swap. #mailin #mailout #happymail #secretswap #handmade #cushion #iloveredspots #everyquiltshouldhaveyellowinit

Little Miss was off to school this morning loaded up with teacher and classmate gifts. She helped me finish off the last of the candy canes in the reindeer. She wrote and drew in the teachers cards. She chose two grocery bags for Mrs Humphries. Mrs Donald’s bags will be given to her by the staff at school. We ended up with a mixed herd of reindeer. I ran out of red felt. I needed to make 50 altogether for both Misses. If you’d like to make some or keep them in mind for next Xmas head to @sharonhollanddesigns blog for the free pattern. I used the basic shape but made it into the reindeer. #xmasgifts #teachergifts #classmategifts #handmade #craft #feltcraft #feltreindeer #shoppingbags #grocerybags

I got my paint box out to go with the rainbow. I got the binding on. I even helped the Mr with the hedge. He trims, I rake it into piles and he picks it up. It’s been a really busy Sunday in the neighbourhood. The new build one side had the rendering gang arrive at 6.30am to finish off. Friday they put the first rough coat on. The other side of us had their family Xmas party. And I’ve got everything done I need to get done for my commitments. #sncaswap2018 It will be in the mail tomorrow partner. #quilting #binding #quiltbinding #gift #secretsantagift #hedge #hedgetrimming #cementrender #cementrendering

Making rainbows this morning. Joining @barefootcrafter @charmaboutyou @myteaandbrie for #saturdaynightcraftalong on a Sunday morning here in Australia again. A big day yesterday at my works customer Xmas party and a trip to the park for Grandad with Little Miss, I was in bed early. Let’s see how much I can get done before the Mr calls me to help him with the hedge trimming. #strippiecing #jellyrollstrips #rainbow #xmasparty #park #laurelbankpark #hireagardener

It would be Rude-olph me not to share with you. This afternoon I’m hanging with my herd and I’ve got my scissors, pliers and pipe cleaners out. I am attaching antlers. No jokes, especially horn ones. Alright! Just one.
What do reindeer hang on their Christmas tree?
Here’s a couple more.
Which of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners?
What would a Reindeer do if he lost his tail?
He’d go to a ‘re-tail’ shop for a new one.
Feel free to share with the kids at Xmas. Back to the velvet covered bones only I’ve got chenille covered wire. #craft #crafting #reindeer #rudolph #rudolphtherednosedreindeer #felt #pompoms #pipecleaners

Hello! You’ve got mail. My #12daysofchristmasswap2018 #team_fivegoldrings @alisonwhite31 has arrived on my front patio. I opened it to find the most gorgeous vintage fabric Finch Bucket with my gifts inside. A sweet card I was supposed to open first on the first day. But I opened it now. 😳Oops! Sorry, not sorry. The gifts are wrapped just perfect. Well they were perfect. I’ve tossed them about in the bag and squeezed a few quite hard. Thank you so very, very much Alison. I can’t wait to open more than just the card. Your little clue has got me all giddy with excitement. Click the video at the end to see my live opening. Poor camera work and a croaky voice from a chest infection. @madaboutbags #12daysofchristmasswap2018received #happymail #wonderfulmail #gifts #xmasgifts #finchbucket

On the nose this afternoon. Here I nose again. What do you call a body without a nose?...Nobody knows. Who nose what it’ll be? 👃There she nose again. Good things come to nose who wait. I’ve got the hot glue gun out again this afternoon. #crafting #craft #nose #pompom #rednose #badjokes

Second customer quilt off the frame today is a hand pieced fairy hexagon one. Leftover fabrics were pieced together to make the backing. I chose ‘Dragonfly ‘ pantograph and used a light purple thread. #longarm #longarmquilting #gammill #gammillquilting #pantograph #pantographquilting #quilting #quilt #customerquilt #hexagon #hexagonquilt

At the longarm today catching up on customer quilting. First one off the frame is a bordered layer cake one. Fabric is Sweetwater Hometown range. I used ‘Hypnotic ‘ pantograph with a cream thread. #longarm #longarmquilting #gammill #gammillquilting #pantograph #pantographquilting #quilting #quilt #customerquilt #sweetwaterfabric #modafabrics #layercakequilt

I ear you and I raise you a I see you. 👂🏻 👁 eye L be watching you. Does red look good with my blue eyes? You better sleep with one eye open. Eye tell jokes that are corneas hell. 🤪 The hot glue gun has been plugged in. The ears are on and the eyes are in place. The Little Misses classmates gifts are taking shape. #ears #eyes #reindeer #craft #xmascraft

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