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Jule Gamache  Disney Marketing in LA. ☀️ Theme park & Superhero nerd.

I’m ready for another day at @unistudios! I need to go ASAP.

I don’t think anyone can fully understand how much I love @disneypirates! ☠️

I love getting out of the office and walking through the Lot when I can! ⭐️ Blazer + Trousers = #StitchFix of course! Use the link in my bio to save $20 on your first fix! 💕

Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me, today! ☠️

Is this the most LA thing I’ve done? Absolutely it is! Happy Rosé Day! 🥂 #rosédayla

I love watching the Lot change for each new movie! #incredibles2 #onthelot 💥

One hour left to #VOTE in the #CaliforniaPrimary! Go do it! 🇺🇸 (Side note... cute top brought to you by #StitchFix! Link in my bio!)

I love working here! 🌞

Did you know an assortment of characters ride King Arthur’s Carousel during the day? On Saturday we saw the Pearly Band and then Belle! 😊

When you find the perfect Disney wall to go with your shirt 💫

Do you believe in magic? ✨

#tbt ❤️ Miss them already!