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Jule Gamache  Disney Marketing in LA ✨☀️ Aries & Ravenclaw ♈️⚡️ I geek out about most things 👻👽

I’m gonna need my #Disneyland fix pretty soon...🎢🎡

When you show up to work and are twinning! 👯‍♀️ #disneyrecruiter

Never smile at a crocodile (even if he’s made from a fallen tree). 🐊

Oh gooooosh! ☺️

A lovely weekend by the sea! 🌊

Ice Cream ☑️ Flip flops ☑️ Brand new Bucket Hat ☑️ Ocean City Heaven ☑️

Managed to fit in a few rides at #CastawayCove between thunder storms! 🎡⛈

I am living for this ice cream this weekend! ☀️🍦

Currently obsessed with this venue and with Niall. What a show! ✨

Happy Birthday, HP! ⚡️

Happy 5th, Women@Disney!!! ✨ (Coolest photo booth ever!)

I cannot express enough how excited I am for Christopher Robin to come in one week! So many feels! 🍯🐝💛