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Julian Arroyo  Jesus- Rachel's Husband- NYC- Young Adult

Exciting news everybody! If you have not yet purchased your tickets for the Misfit Conference, you can use the promo code MISFITSNEVERDIE and get your conference tickets for $30!! Don't miss out!
Dates: 5/25-5/27
Doors open:

thanking Jesus especially in the most uncertain times, because they remind me that what I don't understand now will be clarified later! #trustGodbro

praise to the cafe de Argentina for serving up these meals Sunday #sundates #lovemybride


We're grateful for those friends!

for anyone else going through the fire, you'll be forged and strengthened!

(riding into the sunset) put in some work today, got a farmer's tan. photo by:: @love_your_path

nothing else needs to be said! #lovethem

life is a gift and the giver is good.

Finding the hidden among the common has always been my preference. Its amazing how much value comes out of what is sought after. Diamonds have high value for many reasons, but if they could be found by anyone, how valuable would they be? #Beekman #Manhattan #NYC

God knows that cereal is everything.

go again! @stevenfurtick

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