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Julius Johnson  @wackwater

My little Prince 👑

Maverick’s dad 🚀


PODCAST ON THE WAY!! 🚀🚀 Listening Party this Sunday, DM me if you want to be there
Podcast releasing Tuesday morning ☀️

Happy Father’s Day 🚀
and to the people who don’t enjoy it much, Happy Sunday 💙

Maverick Jax got his wings last night 💘

Dad things 2018 👶🏽

De strent of de blek pentha ⚡️

Now that the Super Bowl is over...☀️

I’m hype for this year g!! 🏄🏿‍♂️
23 is gonna be the year of fruition

23 Birthday’s Later 📈
2/2/1995 🎈

It was like 2am
me Lex, @saintlaron , and some of their people were hoopin outside in st.paul 🎒 random summer ‘17 story