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Fuerza: A Female's Guide to Strength & Physique by Marisa Inda is now available for the special pre-sale price of $27.
Fuerza contains lessons from Marisa's 25 years of training in gymnastics, bodybuilding, calisthenics and powerlifting. The book contains valuable information for female athletes from beginner to advanced, as well as anyone training female lifters. Technique, programming, nutrition, training while pregnant and more are discussed, along with five different 12 week long programs. @marisainda #Fuerza #MomStrong

#tbt to @marisainda pulling 175kg/385# to set the IPF World Record at the 2016 Arnold. She has since done 187.5kg/413#. On Tuesday August 22nd, we will release Fuerza: A Female's Guide to Strength & Physique, in which Marisa will help you understand training for aesthetics and strength, calisthenics, cardio, nutrition and training while pregnant PLUS it comes with 5 programs #JuggLife #TeamJuggernaut

Great info from @max_aita on the very important but often overlooked General Phase of Weightlifting training. Link In Our Profile #JuggLife #JuggernautWeightlifting

Coming Tuesday, August 22nd

Fuerza: A Female's Guide To Strength & Physique by Marisa Inda

This book will cover Marisa's background, her 17 years of Bodybuilding Training, Training While Pregnant, Her Transition To Powerlifting, Powerlifting Technique and Programming, Calisthenics, Cardio and Nutrition, as well as 5 different programs. @marisainda #Fuerza #MomStrong #JuggLife

Newest JuggLife Podcast episode is up as @max_aita and @chadwesleysmith discuss the @netflix documentary Icarus and its potential implications on the sporting world-Link In Profile #JuggLife


See you on Aug 26-27 at @mustache_fitness_and_barbell for our SuperTotal Clinic with @max_aita and @chadwesleysmith. Powerlifting and Weightlifting in 1 weekend-sign up through the link in our profile #JuggLife #TeamJuggernaut

@marisainda having some Push-up Flow Fun after 10x10 total on Incline and Widegrip Bench #JuggLife #TeamJuggernaut #MomStrong #Fuerza

Check out the link in our profile for a great video on deadlift technique and training from @phdeadlift #JuggLife

@jacobheighes knows the importance of intra-workout carbs. Here is a 140kg/308# Clean & Crunch Berries & Jerk #JuggLife #JuggernautWeightlifting

Use CASEIN20 and save 20% on @grindsportsnutrition Casein+ through the link in our profile #JuggLife #GrindSupplements

Great info from @max_aita on technique for the Front Squat
A few key points about front squatting.
1. Set up your bodyweight on the middle of the foot. Keep equal pressure on the big toe, little toe, and heels.
2. Break at the knee first and let your hips descend without pushing them back excessively.
3. Allow the knee to travel forward over the toe.
4. Try to keep the knees in place over the toes as you push out of the hole.
5. Keep the pressure of the load distributed on the legs in the bottom. Don't crash and collapse in the hole.
@chuckiewelch @juggernauttraining #squat

PR Snatch Balance of 90kg/198# x3 for @kalynn_rose. Train like Kalynn with @juggernautonlinecoaching #TeamJuggernaut #JuggLife #JuggernautWeightlifting #JuggCoaching

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