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Congrats to @alyssaritchey1 who finished the day with this 95kg/209# Clean and Jerk to take Bronze in the total at Pan-Ams. This is Alyssa's 1st International Meet. She also had a close miss on the jerk at 100kg/220#. Great job Alyssa and Coach @max_aita #JuggLife #JuggernautWeightlifting #TeamJuggernaut #JuggCoaching @usa_weightlifting

@alyssaritchey1 securing Silver in the Snatch at Pan Ams with this 77kg/170# at 48kg/105# bodyweight. Go Alyssa!! #JuggLife #JuggernautWeightlifting #TeamJuggernaut #JuggCoaching @usa_weightlifting

Team Juggernaut's @alyssaritchey1 , 48kg National Champ, leads things off for Team USA today at Pan-Ams in Miami at 3:30pm EST. Watch her LIVE #JuggLife #TeamJuggernaut #JuggernautWeightlifting #JuggCoaching

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Happy Birthday to World Champ, World Record Holder, Mother, Coach and all around great everything @marisainda #JuggLife

1 Minute Q&A

@hilgendorf14 asks, “Is there any benefit/carry-over, to training different techniques, if you compete in one specifically. ie. Training conventional if you compete sumo, highbar if you compete low bar. Or are you better off training with specificity?” Ask us anything #JuggLife

@jbrimers asks, "I'm pulling heavy snatches high enough but can never stick them and always miss in front thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix this?"⠀

@max_aita answers, "the bar is in front of where it needs to be. Focus on exercises that force you to extend without moving the barbell forward of its vertical path i.e. Snatch with no contact, muscle snatch, no hook no feet snatch, any of those variations from the hang."⠀

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A common question that I hear when coaching at seminars or clinics is "where do I put my hips”?⠀

Here is a quick method I have most beginners start with. As you get more advanced and develop you can adjust this based on your anatomy etc.⠀

Biggest thing you want to focus on is getting the bar in the right place in relation to your shins.⠀
1. Set up with the bar above the ball of the feet shown by the red circle.⠀
2. Bring the shins to the bar so they are as touching/as close as you can which is demonstrated by the yellow circle⠀
This will also bring the knee in advance of the elbows/barbell which is shown with the blue line⠀
3. Set the shoulders above the barbell or above the knee depending on your torso length. You should feel the pressure in your quads if you are in the right spot shown by the green circle. ⠀

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@nick_drake32 asks, "What do you think about taking periods away from the competition lifts, or less frequency, to devote training time in developing general strength for athletes that are still developing."⠀

@max_aita answers, "the higher the qualification of the athlete the more time can be taken away from the lifts. More general phases can be used to allow for recovery and long term preparation for more important meets."⠀

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Q: If an athlete struggles with the bar crashing on them in the clean, what course of action would you suggest to fix it?⠀

A: If the bar is crashing on a lifter it is an issue with the lifters Time to fixation. Meaning they are emphasizing the pull too much instead of emphasizing movement under the bar. ⠀

Best exercises to work on this fall into the category of Time to fixation exercises such as hang cleans, cleans with no contact, cleans from blocks. ⠀

I'd avoid pulls and power cleans as those could exacerbate the issue.⠀

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