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If you didn't know now know #sunbeam #mixmaster #whipitgood

Chillaxing after another cray shift at work with some #lagavulin16 & watching playoff ice hockey. #goducks

Late night snacks from my fav bakery( @valhallabakery ), Nanaimo bar & Death bar in the box.

So simple & only requires just a handful of ingredients to make homemade red sauce. #freshisbest #dericious #getinmahbelly

Who is down for some fresh made seafood(crab & shrimp) lasagna made only with fresh pasta of course. 🥃 #eatlots #freshisbest #damnthatdelicious

Anyone for some fresh made pasta? #freshisbest #eatlots #dericious

Not a bad start to this Sunday; breakfast with @fitnessinyourmouth @mrsjrotax101 @motonm at @createyournature for some dericious steel cut oatmeal & enjoying a nice porter from @bearandpeacock now. #sundayfunday

Thanks to @ayospoonay for finding this spot that has @thebruery #sharethismole on tap at Firefly in Winter Park Village.

What have you done @espn to my beloved 6 o'clock SportsCenter?! For a one hour show to talk about one thing for over 16 mins is fucking ridiculous!!! Every show doesn't have to ne a debate show, STFU & go back to sports highlights. #thisissportscenternotfirsttake

Glad I finally made it over to @valhallabakery & I can't believe I waited this long to get over there. #churro #matchastrawberry #hiptobesquare

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