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Judith Ann  Letter art by hand. Pen & ink. Signatures designed. Weddings events. Gestural calligraphic artist. Workshops, classes, demos Swan Valley WA pics by me


One of 7.......about "Communication". This one's about words & do they intentionally hurt when spoken.
One only. I might show you the rest, they are all about the power of words because in any form I believe they are our greatest tool.
And I also think we need to consider their force to hurt or heal.
I'm deep like that! Ha ha.

My daughter's name.
It needs a bit more finessing but oh how I did enjoy designing the graphite curves & connections on A3 .
There's a kind of softness & gentleness about it, just like her because she is beautiful too.
The perfect gift & enquiries are welcome. Or, just because we all like our names larger than life itself. 🌹

And sometimes, I just like the way something dances into a connecting line. Those blue ligature moments drawn with a nib & ink with wedding vow words of love in the bottom corner.
Dancing, silently leaving a trail of letters & words.
Just the way I like it.

A little pile of calligraphic left overs from today's lesson at ECU Mt Lawley.
I was so busy demonstrating our walk through tools, pens, nibs & alphabets & chatting I forgot to take pics. Again!
Thanks for having me Emma & the typography class, you designed some wonderful letters by hand with balsa wood & ink.
I hope they added to your visual diary content & that you appreciated the art of writing by hand.

Thank you kindly for stopping by, for purchasing calligraphic artworks, for commissions , for comments, laughs & the love.
These raindrops on white are for you, and my Mum who turns 91 today.
Simply Thanks to you, the lovely people who visit. 🌹

When you realise you want to say something quirky & words fail you!
Can you think of anything to say?

My art alway's has a story. About the words I compose in a poetic sense & about the things that go into a piece besides the research. There's always lots of thought process & manipulation of design.
This poem & the pics posted previously to this I actually wrote from my memories staring at the crystal clear waters at Rotto , watching seaweed move & from a line in a book I was reading at the time. It's about the movement & tranquil moments at sea & wanting to capture that feeling. The textured paper had another story. A friend purchased two sheets only in Venice & carried them around Europe for weeks & when I saw them I was delighted but unsure of how to work with the undulations. Those undulations remind me of the bottom of the ocean & I decided that these and the pearlescent ink water marks & splashes would be the background. "Adrift"........on an azure ocean, I think it's where we would all like to be with not a care in the world sometimes!
There's two pieces in this story of poetic visuals. Fabulous for a beach house, I haven't got one of those. Have you?

"Look then into the own heart"❀ and write it on!
No, it doesn't actually say that but the "L" does stand for many things. What would you like me to write after this large letter? "L" for what?

No 2 in the Ocean Series with thoughts of playful splashes in the bays of Rotto & our beaches. Poetic calligraphy meets acqua ocean feelings on paper from Venice.
Personally I like the texture & the vibes for these reminders of beach house interiors & holiday time out's.🐟 Available for purchase the previous post has it's twin. 🐠Watermarks & pearlescent splashes string their own dance together upon white foamy ocean's. I hope you get the picture.

The dance of calligraphic poetry....... Floats along........... Like jellyfish in an underwater sea of acqua blue. 🐟🐠🐟🐠🐚🐟🐟🐠🐟🐟 View the previous post / video for close up detail.

Theme blue.
Followed by the romance of life adrift upon azure blue oceans... ....... it reminds me of clear water days in the bays of Rottnest & that gentle calm float of boats blobbing around with wine in hand. Part of a life long ago.
It's a three lined poem I wrote after observing our waters. The tags represent the ocean creatures drifting with splatters of pearlescent acqua upon Venetian paper.
Stay tuned, it has a sister & both are available for purchase.
It needs a home along with it's twin instead of in my collection. The twin has another romantic poem & also glints in the light.
Ah, the romance of blue skies & crystal blue waters.

Rainy day musings. .... Embossed details & quill dreams .
Followed by ink trails that need to be written.
Happy winter.

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