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H A R R Y J U D D  Jkjk im maria When do I get an update from Tom girl to Tom's girl? Oh wait... nevermind 😑 Always Spread Positivity 💕 was @mcflymxsic


I just HAD to post the proof that james bourne is the literal sunshine of this planet. Just look at his smile and his face and his ugh i love him so much
(@/bethcrissmcfly on twitter)

Anthology started exactly 1 year ago can you hear me graciously sobbing in the distance

Havent posted on here for a while, hows everybody doing?
College is amazing and yea

Look at me 2 days into college already procrastinating on my homework lmao

Hey thereee started college and weirdly enough im loving it

Starting college wednesday send help


I think i need to explain something. I have noticed myself posting less and less when i promised id post way more starting summer. And i know this post was already done on many many accounts but im in this situation myself and i do owe you an explaination. I am now going into college, and this semester specifically is the hardest because im used to a whole other system and im suddenly being thrown into an american system and courses in english and stuff like that. Im starting on august 30 but have a few days to spend at my college starting august 23. Expect posts but in a very limted quantity. It has now become a NEED for me to focus on my studies - i didnt really care about school - and so my posts are gonna be rare and probably during weekends. Ill still be logged in and receive all notifications and messages if you want to contact me. I really hope you understand ❤️

Ive been to the beach all day but say the word and ill go down to the gym. Do I go down to the gym?

IVE BEEN WATCHHING IT JUST FINE AND WHEN THEY CAME ON THE ELECTRICITY DECIDED TI PLAY GAMES AND GO OFF. And theyve also cut off so many bits the song sounded weird af im disappointed @thexfactor

I know its not mcfly but hes adorable so here have pete

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